Google Drive

This plugin provides a connector to read/write data from Google Drive

A simple connector to read a sheet from a Google Drive document

Plugin information

Version 1.0.0
Author Dataiku (Alex Bourret)
Released 2019-11-26
Last updated 2019-11-26
License Apache Software License
Source code Github
Reporting issues Github

How to set up

From the Google service account tab, create a new project:

  • Select a project > New Project and fill in the required information.

Create a service account for that project:

  • In the service accounts tab, click on create service account
  • Fill in the details and skip step 2 if you want
  • On step 3, create a key using the JSON format:

  • Save the key and open it with a text editor. You can press Done
  • Write down the service account’s email address for later use

  • Enable the Google Drive API for your project
  • Go to the plugin’s settings page to add a preset (DSS > Plugins > Googledrive > Settings > Google Drive connection) and add a Google Drive connection preset
  • In the `Access credentials` box, paste the JSON key copied from your text editor

How to use

  • Share the Google Drive document or directory with the service account email address you took note of
  • Take note of the directory ID, which is the part of the URL after the last slash character

  • Create a new dataset in Dataiku DSS by selecting Dataset > Googledrive
  • Click Googledrive Filesystem
  • Pick your preset for the connection, and in ID of root directory, paste the previously copied directory ID

Enable write

  1. Edit the DATADIR/config/ file and add the following key: dku.datasets.external.no_connection.allowClear=true
  2. Share an empty directory with the Google Drive service account. It is important that it does not contain data you want to keep: the entire structure contained inside this directory can be deleted by the plugin. Also for this reason, the plugin will refuse to write directly to the root directory.
  3. In the flow, first create your target Google Drive dataset, by selecting the Googledrive plugin in the dataset list.
  4. Browse to your target directory, name this new dataset and press create
  5. If the following message appears : An invalid argument has been encountered : Missing parameters for CSV got to the dataset Settings > Format / Preview and set Quoting style
  6. Pick the source dataset and create a sync recipe from it. Select Use existing dataset and pick your target Google Drive dataset.
  7. Finally, click on Create recipe.

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