Bouygues Télécom: Creating Value by Improving Fraud Detection

Bouygues Télécom uses Dataiku to mitigate risk by building, validating, and retraining their models.

The following Q&A occurred during the Everyday AI Conference in Paris.

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Interview of Matthieu Dupuis, Head of AI at Bouygues Télécom

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How Does AI Create Value for Your Organization?

At Bouygues Télécom, we get thousands of orders for our services daily.  A few of them are fraud attempts, so we have to make sure that every order we accept is not fraud. We try to calculate some score to try to mitigate the risk. By discarding fraudulent commands, we bring great value to the company. 

How Does Dataiku Help You?

Dataiku was the main tool used to build the fraud detection model, make sure it was working, and validate it. We use Dataiku to retrain the model every month to ensure it remains valid and efficient in tracking every fraud reset attempt and ensure that we are only productionizing models that are better than the previous ones.


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