SLB: Powering AI and Analytics Across the Energy Value Chain

SLB's partnership with Dataiku has enabled the company to drive improvements and save millions on use cases ranging from interpretation and processing of well logs, drilling time reduction, and HR optimization (including reducing model turnaround time for one model from 18 months to 8 days).
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Heraeus: Improving the Sales Lead Pipeline With LLMs

Each of Heraeus’s 20 operating companies has its own lead identification and qualification process. See how Heraeus uses Large Language Models (LLMs) in Dataiku to support these processes, ultimately saving time and increasing sales conversion.

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Etihad Airways: Driving Business Agility with Data

Etihad Airways leveraged data to face the pandemic and stay true to its positioning of being customer centric. Hear from the data science and AI team about how data played a pivotal role in shaping tomorrow's strategy for the leading airline.

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Buildertrend: Maximizing Data Project Speed to Value

Buildertrend uses Dataiku to speed up in their data science processes, reducing model deployment time from three days to three hours and, on their first use case, reducing customer churn by 60%

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SLB People Analytics: Optimizing the End-to-End Talent Lifecycle With Dataiku

SLB's People Analytics team uses Dataiku to better equip its talent management teams globally and improve talent retention.

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SLB: Putting Data & AI to Work for Energy

SLB partners with Dataiku to drive improvements and save millions of dollars through the use of data and AI across the business.

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