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Régine Buys - Chronopost
DSS has opened the door to new opportunities for Chronopost’s commercial, organizational, and operational BI strategy by giving us the tool we need to easily access, analyze, and use our data in a framework that combines both standard and Big Data architectures.

Régine Buys, Chronopost's BI Strategy Manager

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You have the people. You have the data. And the technologies are available. Building next generation predictive services that will transform your business is all about bringing these factors together.

  • Value comes from blending the right data together. You don’t need a PhD in Machine Learning for that.
  • Trying is the best way to start. It’s important to test new ideas on your data quickly.
  • It should be in your hands. You might not know it yet, your team already has the skill sets to apply Big Data in practice.
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