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Dataiku DSS

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“DSS has opened the door to new opportunities by giving us the tool we need to easily access, analyze, and use our data in a framework that combines both standard and Big Data architectures.”

Régine Buys

BI Manager - Chronopost

“Dataiku DSS is a tool for all members of the data team from data engineer to data analyst. With the help of DSS, we have created a structure that allows us to empower teams of analysts. One of our primary goals was that iterations no longer be dependent on technicians. With DSS, we’ve succeeded.”

Gaëlle Périat

BI Manager - Blablacar

“With DSS, we built an app in only 3 months that enabled a 30% boost in our team’s productivity. We were able to adopt Hadoop and Machine Learning faster than we had anticipated.”

Erwan Pigneul

Project Manager - Pages Jaunes
Pages Jaunes

“Before DSS, we'd externalise the whole research phase that leads to concrete solutions. Our work mainly consisted of descriptive analytics on past data. With DSS, we have internalised the design & deployment of our data solutions. We can now predict the future actions of our customers and act accordingly.”

Damien Garzilli

Strategy and Business Intelligence Manager - Showroomprive

“Like all companies, customer loyalty is one of our main focuses. To answer this challenge, a Big Data approach and exploiting DSS’s functionalities has proven successful. We’ve already begun to generalize this approach to our usage data, where quality and precision are essential, and where DSS is perfectly adapted.”

Florian Servaux

Product Manager - Coyote

“DSS is totally badass!"

Robert Dempsey

Improving Lives Through Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics

“We appreciate Dataiku DSS’s capacity to handle important volumes of data, and the tool’s openness towards the functioning of the algorithms.“

Yves-Marie Pondaven

CTO - Parkeon


"Whether you use DSS for basic data management or for advanced predictive analytics, the tool is complete and easy to use. I'm even having our marketing and BI teams try it out. Non-technical teams should be able to value data just as much as the data experts!"

Laurent Kobrin


Webb Mason

Le Figaro

Urban Insights

Aramis Auto

Captain Train

Accor Hotels



Start Today

The technologies exist. The data exists. The people exist. Building next generation predictive services that will transform your business is all about bringing these factors together.

  • Value comes from blending the right data together, which does not require a PhD in Machine Learning.
  • Trying is the best way to start. The ability to quickly test new ideas on your data is fundamental.
  • You've already got the man power. You might not know it yet but the necessary skill sets to get from data-rich to data-driven are already in your team.
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Grow your expertise

Whether you are an expert or a beginner, Dataiku believes you have the ability to build the data-driven and predictive services that will transform your business for the better.

Dataiku Learn helps beginners improve and experts accelerate.

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