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Planning & Forecasting in the Age of AI

In the age of AI and algorithms, older modeling techniques fail to incorporate the wide variety of data sources needed to produce results precise enough for the modern enterprise.

Forecasting and planning are some of the very oldest use cases of modern statistics – businesses as far back as the 1950s used computer-based modeling to anticipate risks and make decisions. 

But traditional forecasting and planning methods can be wrought with manual processes and, therefore, unintended bias. For example, when it comes to forecasting, over-forecasting is a safer choice for a business because it ensures sufficient supply. In order to be more exact, these manual processes and decisions need to be removed entirely to make way for truly data-driven decisions.

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Dataiku for Advanced Planning & Forecasting

Dataiku is the platform democratizing access to data and enabling enterprises to build their own path to AI. By making AI accessible to a wider population within the enterprise, facilitating and accelerating the design of machine learning models, and by providing a centralized, controlled, and governable environment, Dataiku allows businesses to massively scale AI efforts.

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Dataiku offers a Forecast plugin, which provides visual recipes to work on time series data and solve forecasting problems. With this plugin, you will be able to forecast multivariate time series from year to minute frequency with Deep Learning and statistical models.

It covers the cycle of model training, evaluation, and prediction, through the two following recipes:

  • Train and evaluate forecasting models: Train forecasting models and evaluate them on historical data
  • Forecast future values: Use trained forecasting models to predict future values after your historical dataset

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