Beyond AI Adoption: Establishing a Lasting Data Culture ft. Mercado Libre

Hear how online marketplace company Mercado Libre uses data literacy and enablement programs to create and maintain a data-driven culture.
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Measuring ROI for AI Efforts

Calculating ROI on AI projects is often critical to secure resources; however, these calculations can also be notoriously challenging due to the complexity of quantification, number of teams and people involved, and often long delay in outcome.

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Lightning Fast Value with Dataiku on Google Cloud Platform, Featuring MandM Direct

Watch our webinar with MandM Direct, UK's second-largest online fashion retailer, to find out how working with Dataiku and Google Cloud Platform has created value from data science in no amount of time.

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U.S. Venture + Dataiku: Upskilling Analysts to Save Thousands of Hours

The Data and Analytics team at U.S. Venture was built to usher the company into the future of data science and AI. See how they use Dataiku to streamline their data efforts, implement a culture of reuse, and drastically save time (i.e., a warehouse optimization solution that saves data scientists and analysts over 95% of time).

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