Achieving Everyday AI

Dataiku is the world’s leading platform for Everyday AI — Everyday AI is about making the use of data almost pedestrian. AI that is so ingrained and intertwined with the workings of the day-to-day that it’s just part of the business (not only being used or developed by one central team).

AI has the potential to bring enormous positive value, and today, most organizations realize that weaving data and AI into organizations’ DNA is necessary for their survival. However, businesses struggle with the complexities of bringing AI initiatives to fruition. 

How can today’s enterprises reconcile inherent tensions holding them back, successfully incorporating data and AI into their core (without infinite data and AI resources)?

Everyday AI is what helps organizations execute faster by including more people in analytics processes. The ultimate goal is AI that is so ingrained and intertwined with the workings of the day-to-day that it’s just part of the business (not only being used or developed by one central team). 

Everyday AI with Dataiku

Dataiku is the world’s leading platform for Everyday AI, systemizing the use of data for exceptional business results. At its core, Dataiku allows companies to leverage one central solution to design, deploy, and manage AI and analytics applications, and it’s accessible for everyone (whether technical and working in code or on the business side and low- or no-code).

Dataiku also facilitates using prebuilt components and automation wherever possible to streamline work processes as well as consistent management and governance across teams and projects to create transparent, repeatable, and scalable AI and analytics programs. 

64% of executives believe that AI is considerably or very important for the future of their businesses. For AI leaders, this number skyrockets to 98% of executives. source
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Tech Experts

“The most beneficial thing about Dataiku is having everything in one place, so you don’t have to go from one program to another to another and have them work all at the same time. Dataiku takes away that hassle.”

 — Ayca Kandur, Data Scientist @ Aviva

  • Storage and compute agnostic
  • Any IDE, Git-enabled
  • Spark and Kubernetes clusters, fully managed (at scale)
  • Powerful extensions via Dataiku Plugins
  • Build a robust data architecture, end-to-end
  • Automate and monitor with APIs

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Business Experts

“You [will] never be able to hire enough data professionals to meet the data demands of the business, so instead, why not turn the business into data professionals.”

 — Jonathan Tudor, Director – Data and Analytics @ GE Aviation

  • Integrate any data 10x faster
  • Build and automate sophisticated data pipelines
  • Build and share insights in minutes with charts and dashboards
  • Perform in-depth statistical analysis
  • Create thousands of models to find the best one
  • Explore and explain models

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Enterprise Leaders

“[Dataiku] has enabled us to run projects with advanced analytics and data scientists to deliver insights to the business that can make a real impact.”

 — Advanced Analytics Engagement Manager in the Healthcare Industry (source)

  • Get business and tech to work together
  • Capitalize and reuse for AI at scale
  • Automate analytics for a self-serve business
  • Create thousands of analytics apps
  • Trace your data end-to-end
  • Deploy without compromising on security and auditability

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Industry Analyst and Customer Recognition for Dataiku

Don't just take our word for it — see what industry analysts around the world say about Dataiku, the leading platform for Everyday AI.

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Etihad Airways: Driving Business Agility with Data

Etihad Airways leveraged data to face the pandemic and stay true to its positioning of being customer centric. Hear from the data science and AI team about how data played a pivotal role in shaping tomorrow's strategy for the leading airline.

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Data Transformation at Rabobank: Execution & Innovation

In the past year and a half, Rabobank has completed more than 100 AI projects and has reduced the time to onboard data team members — in particular data scientists — from months to weeks.

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FP&A at Standard Chartered Bank: Building Collective Intelligence
With Dataiku

On average, two people armed with the Digital MI team's applications in Dataiku are doing the work of about 70 people limited to spreadsheets. That means increased analyst productivity by a factor of 30 by replacing spreadsheet-based processes with governed self-service analytics.

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NXP: Building a Data Organization That Performs & Elevates the Individual

In this fireside chat-style webinar, Lance Lambert, Director of Enterprise Business Intelligence at NXP Semiconductors and Kurt Muehmel, Chief Customer Officer at Dataiku, discuss NXP’s keys to success with their data initiatives.

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