The Everyday AI Conference

The Everyday AI Conference features compelling stories from companies who have moved beyond the data to create meaningful impact, from empowering people to technological trends and everything in between.

AI has never been hotter thanks to recent breakthroughs in generative AI. But the gap between the technological vanguard and what is actually being used in the enterprise has never been wider.

How do we get there? 

We put AI to work. 

To do that, we need people. More than ever, we need to democratize the use of data and AI systems. We need to accelerate in bringing more results with AI. And perhaps most importantly, we need to build systems we believe in. People need to trust the AI. 

By accomplishing this, we can bring this latest generation of AI into our everyday lives. Now, more than ever, the potential for Everyday AI is there. Everyday AI Conferences will equip you with the imagination required to conceive of what the future may look like while also providing you with the tools and strategies to get there. Today.

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Get Inspired

We have designed Everyday AI Conferences to cut through the hype and provide real-life stories around data and AI. Our speakers will both inspire and provide actionable takeaways for your day to day. 

Expand Your Network

Meet today’s brightest minds in data, analytics, AI, and business in a setting you’ll actually want to linger in after the curtain closes. Everyday AI Conferences offer bright, comfortable social spaces to facilitate your next professional connection in style.

See the Latest From Dataiku

Technology is never a magic bullet, but choosing the right tech is critical in putting AI to work successfully. At Everyday AI  Conferences, see what’s new in Dataiku and how some of our customers are using the Everyday AI platform to transform their business.

Standard Chartered Bank: Driving Business Outcomes With Data

Across all areas of the bank, Standard Chartered is accelerating the development of AI solutions, creating a culture of decision making driven by analytics and unlocking the value of data to power better business outcomes.

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Pfizer: Everyday AI Is A Journey,
Not A Destination

Debbie Reynolds, VP Enterprise Data Solutions and Engineering at Pfizer, discusses how the company has been able to put data at the core of everyday business decisions.

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Mount Sinai’s Enterprise Data Blueprint for Success

Mount Sinai has pivoted its processes to create more holistic methods which enable lasting results and life-long, positive impacts in patients’ lives. At the core of this transformation? Dataiku.

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Talking MLOps With Deloitte

Everyone's talking about MLOps, but what value does it provide in practice? And how can Dataiku help? We sat down with Subhadip Roy, Head of Machine Learning Engineering, AI, and Data at Deloitte to hear about his experience in the field.

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Vestas: Propelling Sustainable Energy Solutions With Dataiku

Though the savings generated by the express shipping recommendation model will only fully materialize over time, the tool when globally implemented is estimated to reduce express shipment costs by 11-36%.

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