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Communicate Clearly with Data Visualization

Good data visualization reveals details, insight, or structure in data that is otherwise difficult to see, providing a powerful perspective when it's needed most.

Turning datasets into beautiful – and useful – visuals is critical to making data more understandable and actionable for end consumers. But data visualization isn’t just an output for communicating with business users; good visual representations of datasets or models are also important for data scientists to uncover patterns or outliers during the model development process.

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Open Source Data Visualization

There’s no question that open source data technologies are state-of-the-art and that organizations that adopt them signal that they’re dynamic and future-minded. Data visualization is no exception – open source tools in this space can be great resources. 

For example, Seaborn is a Python visualization library that enables everything from single plots to multi-plot grids. The library seeks to make visualization a key part in understanding and exploring data rather than a summary step at the end of the analysis process.

However, open source often lacks a layer of user friendliness and can introduce data governance issues, which can limit its adoption. That’s where data science, machine learning, and AI platforms (like Dataiku) come in. For example, using Seaborn within Dataiku allows for beautiful, supercharged visualizations, all within the same centralized, controlled platform accessible to data scientists, analysts, and managers alike.

Visualization in Dataiku

With 25 built-in chart formats (from histograms to boxplots to maps and more), easily drag-and-drop to create fast visualizations in Dataiku. For more regular reference, charts can be merged into a dashboard for easy access. 

Dataiku dashboards can be used to share a wide range of insights about data (charts, custom web apps, dataset extracts, machine learning model results and properties, etc.). Dashboards can automatically update, ensuring always-fresh insights.

“OVH chose Dataiku to power their dashboards, leveraging its features to slash data preparation time and ensure visibility into the data life cycle.”

Dataiku & OVH Case Study

Faster, Higher Quality Dashboards for Better Customer Analysis

Dataiku & Tableau

Tableau is a leading data visualization tool (and a Dataiku partner!) that helps anyone quickly analyze, visualize and share information, whether in the office or on-the-go. To go quickly from raw data to business-impacting decisions through visualization, take advantage of the supported integration between Dataiku and Tableau.

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Bringing AI to Marketing

The evolution of AI, machine learning, and data science have been an increasingly integral part of the transformation of many industries, and marketing is no exception.

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Using Dashboards When Building Models

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