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Human Resources

Advanced Analytics for Human Resources

Whether you need to improve workforce productivity, decrease employee churn, identify leaders, manage the transmission of knowledge, or analyse the impact of training programs on operational performance, you'll need to leverage employee data intelligently. After all, truly understanding and correctly managing the people and processes that drive your enterprise is essential to your long-term corporate performance. That's why a growing number of companies are turning to DSS to build their own Human Resource Analytics solutions.

User Feedback

“We adopted DSS for its capacity to analyze pre-selected varieties of data and to visually and dynamically represent the results. With DSS, we’ve successfully developed a powerful Big Data reporting platform that our Human Resources team uses on a daily basis to improve knowledge management."

Olivier Amprimo

Director, Collaborative Development, HR, Operations - L'Oreal

“Data Science Studio is a tool for all members of the data team from data engineer to data analyst. With the help of DSS, we have created a structure that allows us to empower teams of analysts. One of our primary goals was that iterations no longer be dependent on technicians. With DSS, we’ve succeeded."

Gaëlle Périat

BI Manager - Blablacar

“With DSS, we built an app in only 3 months that enabled a 30% boost in our team’s productivity. We were able to adopt Hadoop and Machine Learning faster than we had anticipated."

Erwan Pigneul

Project Manager - Pages Jaunes