Optimizing Omnichannel Marketing

Identify key channel drivers of HCP brand adoption and design more effective marketing tactics for all drug prescribers.

The goal of this adapt and apply solution is to identify key channel drivers of HCP brand adoption and design more effective marketing tactics for all drug prescribers in Dataiku. More details on the specifics and requirements of the solution can be found in the knowledge base.

Business Overview

Like any business, pharmaceutical companies depend on effective marketing tactics to increase the reach and knowledge of their products and boost sales. Modern marketing benefits from the usage of multiple channels of messaging to inform Health Care Providers (HCPs) in a variety of ways. The challenge for companies is to evolve from the use of multiple (both traditional and digital) channels in a siloed manner to true omnichannel marketing: targeting individual drug prescribers with the right channel (emailing, phone calls, online ads), with the right content (product vs. informative) and at the right time.

To do so, companies must adopt an HCP-centric strategy.  Adopting an analytics-enabled omnichannel commercial model shows a significant global market impact of 5-10% in HCP satisfaction, a 3-5% increase in prescribers, and a 10-20% increase in marketing efficiencies and cost savings. Building and managing an omnichannel strategy has become more complex due to the increasing communication channel options pushed by digital innovation. Moreover, such systems require analytics talent, scalable infrastructure, and agile maintenance to keep up with new channels and HCP-changing behaviors.

With this Dataiku Solution, marketing teams from pharmaceutical companies easily define omnichannel marketing strategies by better identifying the unique patterns linked to target drug prescribers, their ideal engagement channels, and KPIs used to measure the campaign success. The solution provides a data foundation for a holistic customer experience journey. Furthermore, customer behavior and channel effectiveness solutions can shape the omnichannel strategy. Ultimately, uplift models and next-best engagement approaches fine-tune the execution to improve personalization and maximize conversions.


  • Easily integrate your own brand sales data, HCP characteristics, and marketing outreach data, and explore.
  • Train machine learning models to understand channel engagement and HCP drivers influencing sales deviations and brand activation with a step-through Dataiku application. 
  • Evaluate marketing campaign effectiveness with business-friendly descriptive analytics dashboards across analysis drivers: brands, drugs, hospitals, individual drug prescribers, … 
  • Score physicians and other individual drug prescribers for brand adoption with explainability via SHAP importance and channel engagement attempt/success summaries.