Get a Head Start on EU AI Act Compliance

The Dataiku Solution for EU AI Act Readiness is your key to swift compliance with AI regulations. This framework accelerates readiness across all AI projects, enabling regulatory safety and more trusted deployments across teams.


Fast-Track AI Compliance Readiness

Manually rolling out compliance policies is time consuming and resource intensive, causing regulatory delays and complexity. 

Enhance your preparedness for the EU AI Act with a ready-to-roll-out governance workflow supporting regulatory demands understanding and efficient implementation of necessary controls for compliance.

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Stay Ahead Of The Game & Swiftly Adapt to Evolving AI Regulations

AI regulations are getting stricter and demand adaptability to changing regional or sector-specific rules. 

With Dataiku, you can customize governance plans and leverage workflow blueprints with clear steps to build, test, and deploy Al projects with optimized speed, value and compliance responsibilities management.

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Foster Accountability & Ensure Audit Readiness

Managing stakeholder approvals for AI projects across departments, use cases, and risk profiles is complex, but necessary.

With Dataiku, risk and AI managers can easily customize approval workflows to collect sign offs from key stakeholders at each step of the building process before deploying. This fosters accountability and ensures audit readiness, regardless of your organization’s complexity.


Need to Plan for Regulatory Compliance & Accelerate AI Delivery?

We’ve got you covered!

  • How can we ensure that our current and future AI projects are fully compliant with the EU AI Act requirements?
  • Can we quickly roll out specific measures to effectively manage and mitigate risks associated with different AI systems?
  • How can we centralize our decision-making processes and maintain a transparent, auditable record of all AI-related actions and decisions?
  • How can we continuously monitor our AI projects, particularly those involving Generative AI, to ensure ongoing adherence to responsible AI best practices?

It's About Change,
Not Just Tech

Confidently manage regulatory requirements and focus on leveraging AI for innovation and growth. Dataiku’s personalized services provided by AI experts go beyond technology, guiding you throughout the compliance journey.


Trust a Leader in the
IDC AI Governance MarketScape

Don’t just take our word for it. “Choose Dataiku if you need an AI governance platform that prioritizes democratization, trust, and scalability. Dataiku distinguishes itself through powerful integration capabilities, robust governance features, and proactive customer service.”

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The Total Economic Impact™️
Of Dataiku

A composite organization in the commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Dataiku saw the following benefits:

70 %+

reduction in time spent on data analysis, extraction, and preparation.

42 %

reduction in time spent on model lifecycle activities (training, deployment, and monitoring).

413 %

return on investment

$ 23 .5M

net present value over three years.

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