This plugin provides an API connection with the objects created on the Zetaris platform

Plugin information

Version 1.0.0
Author Zetaris(Raina Thomas, Harshal Shah)
Released 2023-06
Last updated 2023-06
License Apache Software License
Source code Github
Reporting issues Github

This plugin provides a read connection to interact with the objects created on the Zetaris platform. These objects will be created while a user is curating data on Zetaris Virtual Data Pipeline (VDP) or Virtual Data Mart (VDM) and will be having requisite permissions as per the role of the user on the Zetaris platform.

How to set up

You need to install the plugin in Dataiku DSS. Go to the Administration > Plugins page. The plugin requires the installation of a code environment.

Create a new dataset using the plugin. You have 4 parameters to fill. Click on the button Test & Get schema button. Then, save and explore.

How to use

In order to use the plugin, you will need the “DATA SCIENTIST” role in Zetaris to have access to data objects. To enable this, do the following:

  1. Open the Role & Permissions,  page in the Zetaris Console. Create a new role (or select an existing one). Review that the below options have been selected.
  2. Click Access Control. Choose the data objects that should be visible to DATA SCIENTISTS and click Assign and choose the privileges for the role
  3. Done. You can now configure your dataset in Dataiku DSS. Note that the service account can be reused for several datasets/pipelines/marts.

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