UiPath Orchestrator

This plugin provides a dataset to import your UiPath logs and a scenario step to start UiPath Orchestrator processes

Plugin information

Version 1.0.1
Author Dataiku (Alex Bourret)
Released 2020-07-01
Last updated 2022-01-31
License Apache Software License
Source code Github
Reporting issues Github

How to set up

  1. From the Automation Cloud interface, click on Admin > Tenants > Use the caret to unfold your tenant > API Access (cloud icon), and copy the user key, account logical name, tenant logical name and client ID.
  2. From DSS, click on Plugin > UiPath Orchestrator > Settings > UiPath oauth token > Add preset. Name the preset and add all the details copied from step 1.

How to use

Robot logs connector

In a DSS flow, click Dataset > UiPath Orchestrator > UiPath Robot logs. In the Token API access selector, pick the preset created in step 2. If folders are being used in your service, you may have to had the robot’s folder name. Finally, press Test & get schema and Create.

Scenario step

To create a scenario step, you will need the name of the process you want to run as well as the name of the robot you want to use to execute the process.

  • To find the process name, go to Automation Cloud > Your service > Your process > … > View Process.

    View the process details
  • There, copy the name of the package

    Copy package name
  • To find the robot name, go to Automation Cloud > Your service > Management > Robots. In order to be used by DSS, the robot type must be set to Unattended.
  • In your project’s flow, select Scenario > New scenario. Once the scenario named and created, go to its Steps tab, add a step of the UiPath Job type. Pick the Token API access preset created in step 2, and complete the Process and Robot name with the information found earlier.
  • You can now start the process on the robot from your DSS step. However, it is not possible to abort the job from DSS. To do so, you have to go to the process page on your UiPath Orchestrator interface.


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