This plugin provides a read connector to fetch data from Stripe, a service that allows businesses to receive payments over the Internet

Plugin information

Version 1.0.0
Author Dataiku (Jérémy GRÈZE)
Released 2020-07
Last updated 2020-07
License Apache Software License
Source code Github
Reporting issues Github

Stripe is a service that allows businesses to receive payments over the Internet. Thanks to this plugin, you can import data from Stripe such as Customers, Subscriptions, Invoices, Charges, Refunds, etc.

How to use

You will need to get a Stripe API key to connect to your account. You can get it in the Stripe Dashboard in the section Developers > API Keys. Note that you can use either the standard secret key or generate a restricted key (with read-only rights for example)

Once you have a key, in a Dataiku project, create a new dataset “Stripe”.

Fill the left column as shown below. Here we will fetch the list of customers. Click “Test & Get Schema”, then give a name to the dataset and save.

Note that you can also put the API key in a preset so that it can be reused for several datasets / by several users.

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