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OpenStreetMap Enrichment

This plugin provides a recipe to list Points of Interest from OpenStreetMap and create an aggregated heatmap

This plugin provides the ability to retrieve a list of given “Points of Interests” (POI) from OpenStreetMap.
It also creates an aggregated heatmap based on the categories of the POI. The plugin is based on theĀ Overpass API.

Plugin Information

Version 0.0.5
Author Dataiku (Pierre Pfennig)
Released 2018-08-01
Last updated 2018-08-01

How To Use


You first need to set the bounding box of the POI you want to retrieve (min_latitude, min_longitude, max_latitude, max_longitude).
Then you need to specify the “grid_size”. We will take the box you just defined and devide the width and the height grid_size times, which means you will get grid_size*grid_size rectangles to aggregate the POI.
You can optionally decide to sepcify additional tags (ie POI) to retrieve. You can take a look at the available tags here. The default list for this plugin is shop, leisure, sport, tourism, historic, amenity, railway.


  • Even if you specify additional tags in the advanced option, they will not be used in the heatmap because the possible values associated to the tags are very diverse and they need to be processed to classify them into some categories (food, public_service …).
  • You may have to refresh your browser the first time you create a recipe with this plugin (if the map doesnt’appear)

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