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Object detection in images

This plugin provides recipes to detect the location and class of several objects in images using Deep Learning

This plugin provides tools to perform object detection using Deep Learning.
Object detection consists in detecting the location and class of several objects in the same image.
This plugin comes with four recipes and a macro.

Plugin Information

Version 0.1.5
Author Dataiku
Released 2018-08-01
Last updated 2020-11-01
License Apache Software License
Source code Github: CPU versionGPU version
Reporting issues Github: CPU versionGPU version


Fine-tune detection model

This recipe does transfer learning and finetuning to adapt a pretrained model on a new dataset.

Detect objects

This recipe detects objects in images and produces a dataset storing all the detected objects with their class and localization.

Display bounding boxes

This recipe gives objects localization, draw on images a bounding box around the objects.

Detect objects in video

This recipe detects objects in a video and produces a copy of the video with the objects drawn on it.

If ffmpeg is installed the video will be of the mp4 format, else of the mkv format. To install ffmpeg, you can use the following command:

  • On Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install ffmpeg
  • On macOS: brew install ffmpeg

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