Export to MicroStrategy

This plugin provides an exporter to write a DSS dataset into a MicroStrategy cube

Plugin information

Version 1.3.0
Author Dataiku (Claude PERDIGOU)
Released 2019-09-20
Last updated 2023-05-19
License Apache Software License
Source code Github
Reporting issues Github

How to use

Select or explore the dataset you wish to export to a MicroStrategy cube.
From the actions panel, use “Export”.
Click on the Other (plugins) tab.
Select MicroStrategy.
Select a credentials preset to use. (The plugin does not currently support LDAP authentication)
Select a project preset to use.
Enter a cube name. The plugin will create a cube with that name, and the string ” (created by Dataiku DSS)” appended to it.


Plugin logo: Image Copyright MicroStrategy Incorporated.