Looker query

This plugin provides a dataset to load records from a saved Looker query

Plugin information

Version 0.0.2
Author Looker (Eric Carr)
Released 2019-12-03
Last updated 2019-12-03
License MIT License
Source code Github
Reporting issues Github


This plugin loads the records from a Looker saved query (also called a Look) into a Dataiku DSS dataset by querying the Looker API.

Looker query result sets are read-only. This plugin does not offer the option to write-back to Looker, we encourage you to write to an underlying database Looker has access to.

Installation Notes

The plugin can be installed from the Plugin Store or via the zip download (see above).

How to use


To setup the connection to your Looker instance, you will need to navigate to the plugins settings. In the Apps menu > Plugins > Installed > Looker > Settings.

Each connection you set up requires:

Settings of the looker query plugin

Querying a look

In order to query a look, create a new dataset > Looker Query > Run Look

Look creation

In the parameters:

  • Select which preset Looker connection to use.
  • Enter a Look ID (saved query ID) to retrieve the data.

Look parameters