List Folder Contents

This plugin provides a recipe to list the files of a folder and extract their metadata

Plugin information

Version 1.0.0
Author Dataiku (Jérémy PLASSMANN)
Released 2021-12-06
Last updated 2021-12-06
License Apache Software License
Source code Github
Reporting issues Github

This plugin lets you list into a dataset all the files contained in a folder.

How to use

Let’s assume that you have installed this plugin and that you have a Dataiku DSS project with a folder containing files.


Folder containing the files to list.

List Folder Contents recipe

To create your first recipe, navigate to the Flow, click on the + RECIPE button. If your folder is selected, you can directly find the plugin in the right panel.



 Level Mapping parameters

  • A mapping can be added by clicking on + ADD A KEY/VALUE PAIR.
  • The key has to be the depth that you want to map to a column. It has to be 1-indexed.
  • The value is the name of the column where the name of the subdirectory will be written.


Dataset containing the list of the files from the folder.

The columns of the output dataset are as follows:

  • path to the file in the folder
  • basename filename without the extension
  • extension of the file
  • depth level of the file in the folder
  • last_modified date
  • size of the file in bytes
  • First mapping: DATE in the example
  • Second mapping: ANIMAL in the example