Linkedin Marketing

Retrieve Data about your LinkedIn campaigns

Plugin information

Version 0.0.4
Author Dataiku (Marine SOBAS)
Released 2020-11
Last updated 2021-02
License Apache Software License
Source code Github
Reporting issues Github issues

This Dataiku DSS plugin retrieves information and metrics about LinkedIn’s campaigns using LinkedIn Marketing Developper platform.

How to set up

1. Create a LinkedIn app

  • First, go to LinkedIn developper’s app creation page. There, select your company, upload a logo, agree to the terms and save.
  • In the Auth tab, make note of the app’s client ID and client secret.
  • Add the callback URL. This URL has to follow this model: https://{your instance domain:port number}/dip/api/oauth2-callback
  • In the Products tab, select the Marketing Developer Platform. This authorization can take more than a day to be granted. Once it is, you should see r_ads and r_ads_reporting appear in the list of available scopes.

2. Retrieve an access token

Follow the steps described in this Authorization Code Flow to create and retrieve an access token.

3. Create a preset

Create and name a preset in DSS App > Plugins > Installed > LinkedIn Marketing > Settings > Access token > +Add preset. Paste the access token retrieved from step 2 and save the preset

How to use

  1. From the LinkedIn Campaign Manager accounts page, choose the account(s) ID(s) for which you wish to retrieve data.

    Find you account(s) ID(s)
  2. In you DSS project’s flow, add a LinkedIn Marketing recipe. In this recipe, paste the account ID retrieved in point 1. Several accounts can be selected at once by separating the IDs with commas.

Several datasets are created by the plugin. To retrieve all of them, the account should contain at least one campaign and one creative. The datasets are :

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