This plugin provides a connector and recipes to read tickets, organizations, issues, sprints, backlogs from Jira Core, Jira Software and Jira Service Desk

Plugin information

Version 1.0.0
Author Dataiku (Alex BOURRET)
Released 2020-11
Last updated 2020-11
License Apache Software License
Source code Github
Reporting issues Github

How to set up

  1. Go to your Jira token creation page, and click Create API token. Name your token and make a copy of the created token.

    Copy the newly created token
  2. In DSS, go to App > Plugins > Installed > Jira > Settings > Jira API token
  3. Add a preset, name it and fill in the details.
    • Subdomain is the first element of your Jira URL, usually your company name
    • Username is the email address you are using to connect to your Jira account
    • The API token is the code copied from step 1

How to use

  1. Go to your DSS flow
  2. Select Jira in the plugin section of the dataset menu
  3. Choose the Jira service you want to access (Core / Software / Service Desk)
  4. Pick the preset you previously configured
  5. Choose the request type and fill in the missing details where necessary

    Jira dataset

In some cases it can be more efficient to pass as a parameter the list of ids that need to be processed. In this case, use the recipe:

  1. In your DSS flow, select Jira in the recipe menu
  2. As input, use a dataset containing the list of IDs to retrieve. Note the title(s) of the column(s) containing the ID list
  3. Run the recipe

    Same dataset accessed with a recipe


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