This plugin provides a read connector to import data from Intercom into DSS

Intercom is a SaaS messaging platform that allows customers to communicate with businesses.
This plugin provides a read connector to interact with Intercom in Dataiku DSS. You can import users, leads, companies, admins, conversations, tags, segments through Segment API.
When available, the plugin uses the scroll endpoint (for example, see the documentation for /users/scroll)).
It allows one to fetch more than 10,000 items but it has disadvantages: only 1 scroll can be open at a time (so concurrent recipe runs are not possible), and the scroll is unlocked when all records are fetched or after a timeout (so the plugin will always fetch all records).

Plugin information

Version 1.0.2
Author Dataiku (Jérémy Grèze)
Released 2017-09-20
Last updated 2017-09-20
License Apache Software License version 2
Source code Github
Reporting issues Github

How to use

  • Get an Intercom Access Token with Extended Scopes.
  • Install the plugin in DSS.
  • Create a new dataset with this connector. Fill the “Access Token“ and the other fields. Click on the “Test & Get schema“ button. Then, “save“ and “explore“.

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