This plugin provides a processor to flag dates as holidays for more than 50 countries.

This Dataiku DSS plugin provides a processor to enrich datasets that contain dates. The processor will flag whether the date corresponds to a bank holiday across over 50 countries, and optionally output the name of the holiday.

Plugin Information

Version 1.0.0
Author Dataiku
Released 2020/11/12
Last updated 2020/11/12
License Apache Software License

How to Use

Let’s assume that you have a Dataiku DSS project with a dataset containing a date column.  Navigate to the Flow, click on this dataset and select the Prepare recipe from the Actions panel on the right side. 

In order for the processor to work correctly, the date column you intent to use as the source has to be of Date type. If this is not the case already, you should use the Parse to standard date format processor first.

Once inside the Prepare recipe, click on +ADD A NEW STEP and search for the Holidays Processor under the Misc. section, a new step will be added to the steps panel.

You should supply the processor with:

  • the name of the date column to use as input
  • the name of the country
  • (optionally) if you want to create a column with the holiday name(s)
  • (optionally) if you want to create a column to flag weekends.


The resources used by the plugin depend on the workalendar library. 

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