Hierarchical Charts

This plugin provides two types of hierarchical charts: Treemap and Sunburst

Plugin information

Version 0.1.1
Author Dataiku
Released 2019-11-16
Last updated 2019-11-16
License Apache Software License
Source code Github
Reporting issues Github

How to use

These new visualizations are provided as custom charts and are available in the “Other” tab of the chart type selector.

Other charts

The other charts page.


Treemap chart

An example treemap chart on the US elections results dataset.

When no color column is provided, the size is also used for color information.

Click to zoom in a child, right-click to zoom out.

This chart is based on the Google Charts library and requires internet access.


Sunburst chart

An example sunburst chart on the US elections results dataset.

Please make sure no negative values are present in the value column.

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