Crowlingo Multilingual NLP

This plugin provides recipes to call the Crowlingo Services NLP APIs

Plugin information

Version 0.1.1
Author Crowlingo
Released 2020-11
Last updated 2020-12
License Apache Software License
Source code Github
Reporting issues Github

Crowlingo provides Natural Language Processing (NLP) services to find insights and relationships in text data. We help companies to upgrade their system (search, extraction & classification) to automatically​ manage 100+ languages with no translation and no additional training data starting only from their own model.

How to set up

1. Create your Crowlingo subscription

Let’s assume that your Crowligno subscription has not already been created. To sign up, please follow this link. Please fill the form and you will receive a link on your email address to activate your account.

Crowlingo Sign Up

When it is done, you finally have access to Crowlingo APIs but to start using it, you need your API token. The easiest way to get your token is to sign in. To do so, please connect to this page.

Crowlingo Login

Log in with your credentials and you will access your API token on the first page on your dashboard.

Crowlingo Token

As you can see, you can refresh and get a new API token for your account by clicking on the button below. You will need to update your token on Dataiku settings if you want to make additional requests.

2. Create an API configuration preset – in Dataiku DSS

In Dataiku DSS, navigate to the Plugin page > Settings > API configuration and create your first preset.

Plugin Preset Creation
Plugin Preset Creation

3. Configure the preset – in Dataiku DSS

Copy-paste your Crowlingo API token and location from Step 1 in the corresponding fields.

Completed Plugin Preset
Completed Plugin Preset

Now your preset is ready to be used. You can add more presets if you have to deal with multiple Crowlingo accounts.

How to use

Refer to the Crowlingo documentation.

Happy natural language processing!

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