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Plugin information

Version 1.1.1
Author Dataiku (Advisor)
Released 2022-12
Last updated 2023-02
License Proprietary
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Advisor is a Dataiku initiative allowing you to easily share data assets built inside Dataiku to your business users through a web extension.

Once you have your data in Dataiku, ready to be consumed, a web-app gives you the ability to link these data to your users’ browser. Select which data you want to show, and under what shape, and whenever they need it, Advisor web extension will trigger and show whatever information the users need for their daily job.

In a nutshell, here are the different things that happen when using Advisor:

  1. User access any website through a browser
  2. Advisor Extension parses the entire page, detects some keywords and underlines these keywords
  3. When hovering one of the keywords underlined, the user is able to click on a popup
  4. A panel on the right appears with cards. Each card contains some information a builder has set up inside Dataiku.
  5. Users can use this information to accomplish their daily job and quickly take action without browsing through various platforms or websites, as everything is at the same place inside the page itself.

For more information, you can read the full documentation.

How to set up

There are very few configurations on the plugin side. Once the plugin installed, go to the plugin page and click on “Connections” on the left menu. Finally, create your first parameter set by clicking “+ ADD PRESET.”

To be able to store the configuration data of the plugin, we are using a database. We give the user three different database types for storing this plugin’s data:

  1. Filesystem (Preferred way): When using this method, we create a SQLite database inside your filesystem and data from Advisor are stored here. The default path for this database is “~/.dataiku/advisor/${projectKey}/$_{webAppId}” but you can change it (make sure people using Advisor have read/write access on this directory). Variables “${projectKey}” and “$_{webAppId}” will respectively be replaced by the key of the project the web-app is running in and the ID of the web-app itself.
  2. PostgresSQL Connection: Store Advisor configuration data inside a Postgres database
  3. MySQL Connection: Store Advisor configuration data inside a MySQL database

For every type of storage, it is possible to prefix tables name. Prefixing is mainly useful if you share the same database to store Advisor data throughout all the instances. Without prefixes, all web-apps will share the same database. However, if you prefix the tables with “${projectKey}_$_{webAppId}_,” tables will be unique for each web-app (As webappID is unique).

Quick start

Advisor works within a Dataiku web-app. Once the plugin is configured, you can create a new project and follow this quick-start tutorial.


If you encounter any problem using Advisor or wish to add some features, contact us at [email protected].

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