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Dataiku for Azure

Dataiku for Azure

Dataiku has partnered with Microsoft for accelerated deployments on Azure. Dataiku enables data scientists and engineers to create and deploy Dataiku’s AI platform faster. Data science teams can be up and running in the cloud quickly to build and operationalize AI solutions. 


Deploy Quickly on Azure

With the Dataiku cloud stack accelerator for Azure, teams can quickly deploy and maintain Dataiku on Azure through a clickable, no-code interface right from within their Azure account. With Dataiku, business, analytics, and data science teams can connect to Azure data sources, prepare and analyze data, and build AI and analytics projects in hours, not weeks or months.



Orchestrate Cloud Services

Your data scientists and analysts can benefit from the scalability and performance of Azure without having to manage infrastructure. Dataiku is natively integrated with and orchestrates your Azure managed services for storage, compute, and collaboration and more. 


Leverage Azure Cognitive Services

Tackle your text using Dataiku recipes to build powerful models for sentiment analysis, speech to text, text to speech and preparing image-based data. Dataiku is natively integrated with Microsoft Cognitive Services, such as Azure Text Analytics and Azure Translate.



Easier Maintenance, Faster Upgrades

Dataiku’s cloud stacks accelerator’s templated, menu-driven approach makes it easy to provision new resources, add new instances, configurations, and upgrades. The fleet manager feature automates onboarding of new users, new groups, or lines of business without requiring IT resources. 


Secured in Azure Virtual Network

Dataiku’s unique pushdown execution requires no data movement, so your data remains secured in Azure. Dataiku leverages Azure industry-leading security and disaster recovery. And you work within your own Azure Virtual Network and maintain complete control over setup, resources, deployment options, and production.