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News Sentiment Stock Alert System

Conduct real-time measurements of news headlines’ impact on firm-level stock price volatility with Dataiku.

The goal of this plug and play solution is to provide an interactive alert system in Dataiku that can be used for real-time measurement of news headlines’ impact on company stock price volatility.  More details on the specifics of the solution can be found on the knowledge base.


  • Ready-to-use volatility scores at ticker-level based on news sentiment analysis.
  • Immediately actionable real-time insight into ticker-level market movements.
  • Comprehensive and transparent historical analysis allowing creation of more informed responses to news events.
  • Easily enhanced or enriched with business-specific data sources or focus.
  • Anomaly Detection & Stock Price Analytics including Principal Component Analysis (PCA).

Business Overview

Traders, equity analysts and portfolio managers have to leverage an ever growing stock of information to fuel their company analysis. Of vital interest is knowing what stocks are most likely to move based on current news sentiment, what are the underlying news events driving volatility for a specific ticker, and what historical insights can be gained through systematic analysis of past news events.

Automatic anomaly detection removes the need for costly or small scale labelled datasets, avoids unfocused manual review that is costly and inefficient, and works alongside purely automatic trading responses based on news sentiment which may miss important opportunities.

An easy-to-use interface allows for immediate insights, rapid drill-down, and deeper analysis of trends, all with a few clicks. Flexible design allows for enhancement or customization to meet a team of firms specific needs.


  • Requires Dataiku v9+
  • Prior to installation, your Dataiku instance Admin will need to create a code environment.  The full list of requirements can be found here.
  • This adapt and apply solution can be installed and used right away in one of two ways:
    • On your Dataiku instance click  + New Project > Industry Solutions > Search for News Sentiment Stock Alert System
    • Download the .zip project file for your Dataiku version and import it directly to your Dataiku instance