What We Stand For

Empower serves as a safe place for Dataikers to discuss the challenges that women face in business and beyond. We have set up this space to speak freely and benefit from a form of collective empathy and strength so that we can elevate women’s voices, build community, and enhance solidarity with advocates. This allows us to grow a sense of belonging for all women so that people can have the freedom to choose how they want to show up at Dataiku. 

Meet Some Members of Our Team


Atossa is the VP of Sales Enablement at Dataiku and the Global Lead for the Empower ERG. She’s been a leader at Dataiku since the start of 2019 and collaborates with women and allies across Dataiku to provide not just a safe space, but also opportunities for learning and professional development.  



Shina is the Chief of Staff, EMEA at Dataiku and serves as the Europe and Middle Eastern Lead for the Empower ERG. She has been a leader at Dataiku since 2021 and wants to continue building an inclusive culture for all individuals, so that women have the freedom and agency to be themselves. 




Melissa is the Director of SaaS Growth Operations and serves as the North American Lead for the Empower ERG. She has been a leader at Dataiku since 2017 and partners with others to ensure that Dataiku serves the needs of multiple groups — including women — through benefits, policies, and programs. 

Focus Areas

  • Professional development of women
  • Representation of women at Dataiku
  • Retention and career growth of women at Dataiku
  • Community building at Dataiku
  • Traning and education for women and advocates

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about the Empower ERG, please don’t hesitate to reach out at
[email protected]