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Install using Virtualbox or VMWare

Dataiku provides a pre-built Linux virtual machine for the free Virtualbox engine. This lets you run DSS for evaluation purpose on Windows or Mac OS

VMWare player support

These instructions are also valid for VMWare Player. You'll encounter a warning while importing the OVA file. You can ignore it and select "Retry"

1. Install Virtualbox

Download and install Virtualbox from

2. Download the DSS image

Download the DSS virtual machine (1.7 GB).
Open it in Virtualbox (either by double-clicking or using File > Import Appliance)

3. Import the Virtual machine

The Appliance import wizard opens. You should not need to change any setting. Simply click on Import.
Once the virtual machine is imported, click on Start. The virtual machine boots.

4. Open DSS

Once the Virtual Machine has finished booting, it displays a welcome banner with connection details.
You do not need to login into the virtual machine. Open your regular Chrome or Firefox browser (ie: not in the virtual machine). In that browser, open the URL that is displayed in the welcome banner, as "Data Science Studio interface". The DSS interface appears.
This URL to open is often (but not always, please check the welcome banner).

For additional information or any issue, please see our Learn section and our Q&A.