Try Dataiku DSS

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Install on AWS

Dataiku provides a pre-built image (AMI) to run DSS on Amazon Web Services. You will need an AWS account to proceed.

1. Start the instance

Open the Dataiku DSS page on AWS marketplace.

Click "Continue" and choose between:

  • 1-Click Launch if you want to go fast
  • Manual Launch if you want to configure your instance using the wizard screens (see below)

A m3.large instance type (2 vCPUs, 7.5 GB RAM) should be enough for a first step.

2. Connect to DSS

Browse to http(s)://INSTANCE_PUBLIC_ADDRESS/ where INSTANCE_PUBLIC_ADDRESS is the instance public IP address returned by the EC2 launch instance wizard.
(You might need to wait a few minutes while the instance starts and initializes)

At first launch, you will have to prove that you are the owner of the instance.
Authenticate with:

  • the instance id (i-xxxxxxxx) as login
  • an empty password.

Note that only Chrome and Firefox are supported.

For additional information, or any issue, please see our resources and Q & A pages.

Manual launch details

If you go with the Manual Launch, you should:

  • In instance details, enable the auto-assign public IP.
  • In security groups, expose the standard HTTP and/or HTTPS ports and SSH port for administration.
  • At the launch, select or create a public key to be able to administrate the instance via SSH.

Technical Details

The Dataiku-built public AMIs are based on the latest Amazon Linux distribution. It contains:

  • A standard installation of Dataiku DSS running under linux user account "dataiku".
  • A local PostgreSQL database, with a connection to it pre-configured in DSS.
  • A standard installation of R, also pre-configured in DSS.
  • A nginx reverse proxy exposing DSS onto the standard HTTP port 80, and the standard HTTPS port 443 using a self-signed certificate. For better security, you can provide your own certificate in directory /etc/nginx/ssl.
  • A Linux firewall configured to only allow connections to ports 80 (HTTP), 443 (HTTPS) and 22 (SSH).

Administrative (command-line) access can be obtained through ssh ec2-user@INSTANCE_PUBLIC_ADDRESS using the SSH key which you specified to the EC2 launch instance wizard.

The DSS data dir folder is located in /home/dataiku