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What are my options?



Run Dataiku DSS on your own computer, server or cloud provider. No Install needed.
We host your Dataiku DSS instance.
This... or that?
You want to run Dataiku DSS on your own infrastructure (personal computer, server, or cloud provider). You want to test Dataiku DSS but don’t have access to the needed infrastructure, and only want to handle limited amounts of data.
What is included? / How long does it last?
  • Dataiku DSS Free Edition (lasts forever, does not expire).
  • Free trial of Enterprise Edition. Once activated, the trial runs for 2 weeks and then rolls back to Free Edition.
Where is my data?
  • Your data stays on your infrastructure. We never store nor process your data on our servers.
  • We host your data for the duration of the trial.
What are the limitations?
  • No limitation in size nor volume of processed data.
  • Processing power is limited (shared instance).
  • You cannot install custom packages.
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