Tableau Export Plugin (v2)

Tableau is one of the leading data visualization tools and a Dataiku partner.

This plugin offers the ability to export Dataiku data to Tableau:

  • Export to a TDE file for immediate open in Tableau Desktop
  • Export to Tableau Server

This plugin uses the regular export infrastructure of DSS, meaning you can export to Tableau:

  • Datasets
  • Prepared data
  • Results of SQL notebooks
  • Pandas dataframes from Jupyter
  • Dataset schemas
  • Machine learning results
  • ...

Plugin information

Last updated
LicenseApache Software License
Source codeGithub
Reporting issuesGithub

How to use

This plugin requires DSS 3.1 or higher. Earlier versions of DSS can use the Old Tableau Export plugin.

The plugin requires the Tableau SDK to work. An automatic installation script is provided. When DSS prompts you, click on "Install now". Your server needs Internet access for this automatic installation procedure.
If your server does not have Internet access, please follow the Manual installation procedure

The plugin provides two exporters, available in the standard "Export" dialog of DSS

  • Download to a TDE file
  • Export to Tableau Server

For example, to download a dataset as a TDE file:

  • Go to the dataset you want to export
  • Click Actions and Export
  • In the Download tab, in the dropdown, select "Tableau Extract"
  • Validate
  • Your TDE file downloads

Additional instructions are available in our Github repository

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