Scalable Collaboration and Governance in Dataiku

  • Team knowledge sharing
  • Change management
  • Advanced Monitoring
  • Team knowledge sharing
  • Change management
  • Advanced Monitoring
Product screenshot showing DSS dashboard

Integrated documentation and knowledge sharing

DSS was designed from the ground-up for data teams. Collaboration features make it easy to share knowledge amongst team members and onboard new users much faster.

  • Add documentation, information, comments on each DSS object
  • Integrated Todo lists for immediate coordination
  • Create your own custom business types to communicate what columns are about and share validation logics.
Product screenshot showing the integrated Git respository

Change management

  • Every action in the system is versioned and logged through an integrated Git repository.
  • Follow each action in the timeline in the interface.
  • Easily rollback to previous versions.
Product screenshot showing team activity

Team activity monitoring

Dedicated dashboards help project managers keep an eye on their team's activity

  • Active and inactive projects.
  • Team's progress and commits