Dataiku Resources and Professional Services

Dataiku offers resources and professional services to help take full advantage of all the powerful features of Dataiku.

Dataiku User Resources for All Levels

All Dataiku users have free access to:

Dataiku Academy

An online training and certification platform.

Dataiku Community

A network to receive peer-to-peer support and share best practices.

The Plugin Store

A library of free plugins extending the features and data connectors of Dataiku.

Additional Resources for Customers

Dataiku customers also receive specific support and resources to start and

Support from an Implementation Manager

Our team of Implementation Managers is there to help deploy Dataiku on the company’s infrastructure and enable new users.

Support from a Customer Success Manager

The Customer Success will become the main interlocutor of the customer and help them with all their Dataiku needs and questions.

The Customer Support Portal

 The customer support portal is the place for customers to receive quick answers to technical questions.

Dataiku Professional Services

Dataiku goes beyond supporting the day-to-day use of Dataiku and offers a range of professional services to help overcome the various obstacles on the path to Enterprise AI:


Assistance for the initial deployment of Dataiku or major life events (e.g., cloud migration or many new users) to secure fast time to impact.


Expert advice to optimize infrastructure and solve technical issues.

Training and Support

Training and coaching sessions enabling users to master Dataiku.

AI Projects

Hands-on support to identify, prioritize, implement, and deploy AI use cases.


Recommendations to build and improve AI strategy as well as operating model and measuring the value of AI initiatives.

Interested in Our Professional Services?

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Making Enterprise AI an Organizational Asset

How can your company become an AI enterprise? Dataiku enables organizations across all industries to embed machine learning methodology into the very core of their business to bring real value.

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Explore the Resources


Get Started with the Dataiku Overview course and quickly move on to build more skills and get certified.

Explore the Courses


Ask the Community - Your path to discovery, support, and mastery of Dataiku and beyond.


Plugin Library

Dataiku plugins let you extend the power of Dataiku with your own datasets, recipes, and processors!


Customer Support

Existing customers can log in to access the Dataiku support portal, start a new support ticket, or check on the status of an existing ticket.

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