namR: Using Dataiku to Provide Rich Data Arsenals for Clients

See how namR employs Dataiku into their cloud infrastructure to create models that are fed with fresh data for their customers in the construction industry.
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Heraeus: Improving the Sales Lead Pipeline With LLMs

Each of Heraeus’s 20 operating companies has its own lead identification and qualification process. See how Heraeus uses Large Language Models (LLMs) in Dataiku to support these processes, ultimately saving time and increasing sales conversion.

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Buildertrend: Maximizing Data Project Speed to Value

Buildertrend uses Dataiku to speed up in their data science processes, reducing model deployment time from three days to three hours and, on their first use case, reducing customer churn by 60%

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U.S. Venture + Dataiku: Upskilling Analysts to Save Thousands of Hours

The Data and Analytics team at U.S. Venture was built to usher the company into the future of data science and AI. See how they use Dataiku to streamline their data efforts, implement a culture of reuse, and drastically save time (i.e., a warehouse optimization solution that saves data scientists and analysts over 95% of time).

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Standard Chartered Bank: Driving Business Outcomes With Data

Across all areas of the bank, Standard Chartered is accelerating the development of AI solutions, creating a culture of decision making driven by analytics and unlocking the value of data to power better business outcomes.

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Aviva: Powering Insurance With Data, Machine Learning, & AI

Aviva has been using Dataiku for many years to build a range of data analytics and machine learning use cases, ultimately forwarding their customer-first mission.

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