Infopro Digital: Hyper-Targeted Advertising

See how one global media company transformed its organization around data to deliver one of the most advanced business-to-business advertising targeting engines on the market.

Infopro Digital provides business-to-business digital media outlets with advertising space on these sites. To differentiate itself from the competition, Infopro Digital wanted to offer more advanced targeting options to its advertising customers. For example, instead of doing basic category targeting (like showing aerospace ads in the aerospace section of a website), they wanted to leverage the user’s navigation path and behavior to more accurately target those who may be interested in a particular ad, wherever they are.

This advanced targeting requires experienced technical teams to handle a vast data lake. But despite the highly technical environment, Infopro Digital’s marketing teams needed to be able to handle the queries and most of the day-to-day work themselves without the help of IT every time. The marketing teams had some prior knowledge of processing data using Microsoft Excel, but they were frustrated by its computing and speed limitations.

On top of these challenges, Infopro Digital also knew they wanted to develop any new processes and skills within the company (as opposed to hiring third-party contractors) to keep costs and production delays low.

From Excel to Dataiku

Thanks to Dataiku, Infopro Digital’s teams developed a solution that satisfies all of their requirements while also keeping ultimate control over the data in the hands of the IT team.

With Dataiku, Infopro Digital Developed a Solution Where:

  • The IT team can make data available to analysts after only a few transformations thanks to reference datasheet sharing.
  • From a technical standpoint, IT teams at Infopro Digital can take advantage of Dataiku’s customizable capabilities and the ability to keep some freedom in terms of coding.
  • CRM, accounting, and external datasets are consolidated thanks to Dataiku’s focus on dataset centralization.
  • Non-technical teams (like marketing) can build their skills and scale their efforts thanks to an intuitive, visual point-and-click interface. Longer term, the goal is to have them efficiently and independently leveraging website clickstreams and HDFS datasets.
  • Data analyst teams can create reports and offer targeting samples within two hours, work that used to take them three days.
  • Infopro Digital has been able to empower existing staff by internalizing the whole process.

Thanks to its data-driven transformation using Dataiku, Infopro Digital is now running one of the most advanced business-to-business advertising targeting engines on the market.

Dataiku really helped Infopro Digital keep a competitive advantage in the advertising market; we can now offer advanced targeting options in a snap. We now plan to expand our use of Dataiku to new markets and to our data business. Clément Delpirou Chief Digital Officer at Infopro Digital

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