What We Stand For

People living with disabilities and health conditions bring together our employees who care about physical, mental, or cognitive health conditions and disabilities for themselves, a relative, a friend, or a colleague. We aim to build a community where our employees learn, support, advocate and inspire by sharing advice and experiences around health topics.

Meet Some Members of Our Team



Georgia is a data scientist in London. Her role revolves around helping clients to empower their people to leverage AI tools through the Dataiku platform and bring value to their business. She co-created the DatAble ERG when she first joined Dataiku and realized that there is a space and need to accommodate and support people living with health conditions. Her ultimate goal is to create an inclusive and welcoming workplace where every Dataiker has opportunities to grow and succeed. She is actively involved with volunteering initiatives for advancing education for all.



Erika is a Marketing Director based out of Montreal. Her role is to promote Dataiku in North America through strategic and creative campaigns. Erika serves as the co-lead for the DatAble ERG and is passionate about creating awareness and a supportive work environment for all neurodiverse people and those living with a disability.

Focus Areas

  • Help define accommodations or processes that Dataiku can implement within the company to support its employees living with disabilities.
  • Promote discussion and awareness around disability and mental health to make a safe and inclusive space for all.
  • Implement company-wide training/strategy to educate managers and employees on different forms of disabilities and the rights of people living with disabilities in the workplace

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about DatAble, please don’t hesitate to reach out at
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