What We Stand For

Convergence embraces and celebrates the diverse backgrounds of Dataikers. We welcome employees from all cultures to share experiences and resources and bring new perspectives to better understand our colleagues and customers from around the globe. We raise awareness on cultural differences, tackle discrimination, and ensure that Dataiku is a company where everyone feels they belong.

Meet Some Members of Our Team



Rata is a data science project leader in Paris, helping customers generate business impacts with Dataiku. She’s the EMEA lead for Convergence and dreams of the world without racism. Born in Thailand and spent half of her life in Europe, she learned the charms of the West and the East and overcame racial discrimination challenges. She wants to evangelize diversity and ensure that Dataiku is a fair workplace for everyone.



Sunny spearheads Dataiku’s India operations from Kochi, India. He is the APAC lead for convergence and has grown up to embrace the values of India’s melting pot of religion and culture – Kerala. He hopes that future generations will look back at this time and see us as the people that transformed work cultures from intolerant to empowering and from biased to inclusive.



Natalie is an Implementation Manager in New York City. She is the US Lead for Convergence and is passionate about uplifting people and communities to share and embrace their individuality. Her goal is to break the barrier of racism and bias, and welcome a world where embracing and celebrating individual identities and cultural differences is the norm.

Focus Areas

  • Embrace diversity: We celebrate cultural diversity and bring new perspectives to enhance open-mindedness and tolerance
  • Make our company a better place: We raise awareness on unconscious racial bias and ensure that Dataiku is a fair workplace.
  • Help Dataikers think global: We organize workshops to help Dataikers learn about different cultures, tackle racism strategically and make positive impacts

Get in Touch

If you have any questions about Convergence, please don’t hesitate to reach out at
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