Our team is our most treasured asset. No matter what way you choose to look at it, there would be no DSS if it weren’t for the great people who work for Dataiku.

Christelle M.

Account Executive

Abby Z.
Ludovic B.

Sales Engineer

Sean M.

Sales Engineering Manager, US Central & West

Aimee C.

Research Scientist

Alexandre D.

Account Executive

Du P.

R&D Engineer

Saida Y.

Account Receivable Specialist

Gauthier S.

Data Scientist

Andrea S.

Customer Success Manager

Tara C.

Data Science Technical Writer

Mong-Tuyet N.

Business Operations Strategist

Pauline S.

Sales Engineer

Kenji L.

VP Product

Lee T.

Senior Sales Engineer

Dan T.

Senior Account Executive

Rob R.

VP Marketing

Samuel P.

R&D Engineer


Account Executive

Eric C.

Implementation Manager