Our team is our most treasured asset. No matter what way you choose to look at it, there would be no Dataiku if it weren’t for the great people who work for Dataiku.

Russell Lee

Development Specialist

Arnaud Bonvallet

VP of Information Technology

Camille Faure

Enterprise Account Executive

Léo Treguer

Services Pod Leader

Ryan Kardish

Global System Integrator Alliance Director

Nanae Matsushima

Senior Sales Engineer

Rogerio Sant Ana

Enterprise Account Executive

Laurie Du Boullay

Head of Culture

Louis-Philippe Kronek

GM, Dataiku Online

Sarina Sinick

Technical Support Engineer

Marissa Sterzick

Total Rewards Associate

Rabah Bouabid

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Wided Boutar

Sales Engineering Director

Lynn Heidmann

Marketing Content Senior Director

Kyle Berry

Implementation Manager

Baptiste Cesarini

Demand Generation & Digital Marketing Manager

Laurent Rason

IT Support Lead

Yuki Nakamura

Senior Account Executive

Andres Serrano

Customer Operations Program Manager

Peter Pham

Sales Engineer

Marie Gladines

Strategic Account Executive

Ruud Lameijer

Sales Engineer

Sean Angiolillo

Technical Curriculum Developer

Cameron Asbury

IT Support Technician

Jakub Czarny

Director of Analytics

Amanda Milberg

Senior Partner Sales Engineer

Sabine Niess

Senior Accountant

Henrik Nevdal

EMEA Marketing Coordinator

Judy Nam

Principal Sales Engineer

Jay Narhan

Services Pod Leader

Mark Elszy

RVP of Sales

Birgit Schwienbacher

Business Development Representative

Joshua Cypert

Commercial Account Executive

Louis Takumi Lemoine

Data Scientist

Camille Graux

Learning Experience Manager

Claire Morel

Senior Manager, Competitive Intelligence

Nenad Gataric

Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Victor Wibisono

Field Engineer

Stuart Rees

RVP Sales

Kimberley Chen

Director of Support

Casandra Rotunno

Marketing Manager

Nathan Semones

Enterprise Account Executive

Thomas Oh

Engagement Manager

Saida Yaou

Account Receivable Specialist

Gina Baker

Implementation Team Lead

Maged Mahmoud

Senior Account Executive

Rita Golub

Technology Alliances Manager

Nico Rode

Sales Engineer

Dimitri Labouesse

Senior Solution Engineer

Kevin Remy

VP of Test Engineering

Michaël Bourhis

Senior Software Engineer

Li Qu

Senior Engagement Manager

Guillaume Hattenberger

Field Engineer

Lai Har Lum

Payroll Manager and People Operations

Sylvain Franco

Data Scientist Training Specialist

Nicolas Gakrelidz

Market Intelligence Manager

Daniel Jeon

Business Development Specialist

Marine Darnige

Enterprise Customer Success Manager

Austin Cook

Director, Sales Engineering

Emilie Cerball

Graphic Designer