Our Partners

Meet a few of Dataiku's trusted partners. After all, we're all about bringing the ecosystem together to better serve our customers and partners alike.

  • C&F


    C&F is a team of passionate people working around the globe helping clients achieve a lasting competitive advantage by translating unique business concepts into customized IT solutions. We specialize in solutions for Life Sciences and beyond. We operate on global and local scale. Our products and services focus on:

    • Big Data, Data Science
    • Business Intelligence and Data Management
    • Sales Force and Marketing Effectiveness
    • Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)
    • Miscellaneous Technology Services

    The breadth and depth of our offering is further enhanced by our strategic partnerships and we are proud to be associated with Dataiku.

    Read the Dataiku - C&F and Dataiku Partnership press release

    Website: www.candf.com

    C&F is a Certified Dataiku Partner for Data Science services..

  • Artefact


    Artefact designs ambitious data-driven strategies to offer the best digital experiences to customers, implements adapted and relevant tools to answer clients’ needs (DMP, AdTech, MarTech, Big Data) and also develops tomorrow’s technologies and products to deploy a true digital experience (data enrichment, data-driven content based on user journeys, analysis & management of campaigns).

    Website: http://www.artefact.is/

    ARTEFACT is a certified Dataiku partner for Data Science services.

  • Marionete


    Marionete is a European technology consultancy, founded in 2015 to meet the demand for project delivery across multiple technologies in Data Science, Big Data and DevOps.

    Marionete offer an enterprise ready solution called Team as a Service which is designed to give our clients access to quality assured, certified, experienced, and correctly skilled professional teams. Our clients are looking to innovate around their platforms, creating value and opportunity from data.

    The breadth and depth of our offering is further enhanced by our strategic partnerships and we are proud to be associated with Dataiku.

    Website: www.marionete.co.uk

  • Keyrus


    An international player in consulting and technologies and a specialist in Data and Digital, Keyrus is dedicated to helping enterprises take advantage of the Data and Digital paradigm to enhance their performance, facilitate and accelerate their transformation, and generate new drivers of growth, competitiveness, and sustainability.

    Website: www.keyrus.com

  • InterWorks


    InterWorks is the leading consulting and training firm to guide your data journey. From servers and analytics to development and custom tools, we cover the full spectrum of data needs to help you get further, faster and smarter with your data strategy.

    Website: www.interworks.com/

  • Eulidia


    Created in 2008, EULIDIA has positioned itself as the Business Performance Partner offering a large range of services in Business Intelligence and Data Management.
    With the support of highly qualified and experienced Business Intelligence & Data Science consultants, EULIDIA works with key accounts and significant mid-market players to implement every stage of a data driven platform.
    Located in Paris, France, the company has built its rapid development on a model of efficient responsiveness and quality output.

    Website: www.eulidia.com

    EULIDIA is a Certified Dataiku partner.

  • CGI


    Founded in 1976, CGI Group Inc. is the fifth largest independent information technology and business process services firm in the world. Approximately 68,000 professionals serve thousands of global clients from offices and delivery centers across the Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific, leveraging a comprehensive portfolio of services including high-end business and IT consulting, systems integration, application development and maintenance, infrastructure management as well as a wide range of proprietary solutions.

    Website: www.cgi.com

  • Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

    Hewlett-Packard Enterprise

    Hewlett-Packard Enterprise accelerates participation of customers in the digital economy by Integrating and augmenting selected ISV solutions through proven methodologies. In the Big Data area, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Technology Services Consulting provides business outcomes by maximizing the value of customer’s data and insights through Big Data Framework, Data Management and Actionable analytics

    Website: www.hpe.com

    HPE is a Certified Dataiku partner for Data Science services.

  • Linkvalue


    Linkvalue is a french tech company building strong links between needs and solutions, people and techniques, the wish to innovate and the means to do so.
    We provide high-level consulting services, support and technical setups in web and mobile development, both to start-up and to large companies, thanks to passionate Developers, Data Scientists and AdminSys. Our teams are involved in thinking and designing custom-made solutions enhanced by knowledge sharing and skills constante acquisition.
    We strongly believe that Data Science makes sense within a project as long as we are able to build it from the idea to the production.
    This mindset enables us to support our customers all along the value chain and to go beyond their expectations. The P2P company is driven by keys values as innovation, attention to partners, solidarity and goodwill.

    Website: www.link-value.fr/

  • Blue DME

    Blue DME

    Founded in 2015, Blue DME is a French startup shifting our customers to a new era of the data-driven business. We reach new business margin optimization with cutting edge predictive models in the banking, insurance, discrete manufacturing and the utility industries. We provide dedicated business solutions for risk, commercial line, supply and engineering and an innovative platform - Data Exchange – allowing to share and use efficiently the data between companies and partners across the value chain.

    Website: http://www.bluedme.com/

    BLUE DME is a Certified Dataiku partner for Data Science services.

  • Capgemini Consulting

    Capgemini Consulting

    Capgemini Consulting accelerates the porting of Big Data in complex organisations seeking innovation. We incubate Big Data projects with strong ROI within Datalabs by addressing the historic businesses of our customers, by launching new data driven business initiatives, and by committing to results. We accompany the development of French start-ups by integrating them into our solutions and projects, and by putting them in direct visibility of our own customers.

    Website: www.fr.capgemini-consulting.com

  • Hancom MDS Inc.

    Hancom MDS Inc.

    Hancom MDS Inc. [KOSDAQ : MDS Technology Co],Hancom MDS Inc., the leader in embedded solutions in Korea, has been focusing on the embedded solutions industry for more than 20 years, having served over 1,500 clients, including Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and SK.
    Hancom MDS Inc. provides customers with global cutting-edge embedded solutions and aim to help customers reduce time-to-market while improving quality by providing the most effective total solutions for embedded industries, such as automotive, defense/aerospace, mobile, digital device, etc.
    Hancom MDS Inc. also provides Industrial IoT solutions, Integrated Big Data Platforms and Cloud solutions following the latest IT convergence trends.

    Website: www.mdstec.com

  • WebbMason


    WebbMason is a leader in analytics. We provide end-to-end services to support the development and execution of analytics initiatives – strategy, technology implementation, data management, data science & analytics, and production deployment.
    The WebbMason Analytics team includes Data Scientists, Business Analysts, Data Engineers, Developers, and Project Managers. Our ongoing measurement and analytics drive continuous improvement in business performance. We have developed a repeatable blueprint for implementing an Analytics Platform that provides a turnkey environment to get up and running quickly in the cloud or on-premise.

    Website: www.webbmason.com/data-science

  • QxBranch


    QxBranch supports businesses with the development and operation of advanced data analytics strategies. The company focuses on applications requiring a high degree of rigor to drive value and meet stringent regulatory requirements. The firm has a diverse team of professionals covering systems engineering, data analytics, machine learning, quantum computing, and risk analysis. QxBranch is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices in Hong Kong, London and Australia. Their clients include investment banks, hedge funds, technology companies, and aerospace & defense firms.

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    Website: www.qxbranch.com

  • Version 1

    Version 1

    One of the fastest growing IT services companies in Western Europe, Version 1 has doubled both profitability and revenue over the last few years, while at the same time delivering consistent improvement in customer satisfaction and world-class employee engagement.

    Website: www.version1.com

  • Sonra


    Sonra is the leader for scalable Big Data solutions in Ireland. We help our clients to gain a strategic advantage over their competition by turning their data into information, gaining actionable insights from information, and turning the insights into a profit impact. Sonra is the main sponsor and organiser of the Hadoop User Group Ireland.

    Website: www.sonra.io

    Sonra is a certified Dataiku partner.

  • Avisia


    AVISIA Group is a consulting firm specialized in integration and data project delivery. As a pure player, and with a lot of success stories, the group is actively involved in Big Data projects. Our target is to transform “Big data” into “Smart data” and to guarantee a high ROI to our customers. AVISIA Group offers a global support on “data centric” project cycle, with a real continuum of services. (Consulting, Business Intelligence, Data Science, Digital Analytics, …)

    Website: www.groupe-avisia.fr

  • Saegus


    Founded at the end of 2014, SAEGUS allies the innovation ability of a start-up and the service level of a consulting firm, to put digital and data valuation at the core of its customers’ strategy. In addition to the founders’ experience gained from working with the major French companies, comes a multidisciplinary team of talents able to speak all languages of data: from business strategy to technical architecture, through data science, machine learning and data visualisation. SAEGUS' approach is based on the conviction that Big Data is the tool, not the objective. Deeper customer and market knowledge, operational intelligence and new business models are reached through fast and agile experimentations (test and learn).

    Website: www.saegus.com

    Saegus is a Dataiku Partner for Data Science services.

  • ICTeam


    Founded in 1999, ICTeam S.p.a is an Italian company focused on business intelligence, system integration and cloud services for high-end customers in different markets (telco, media, utilties, finance). ICTeam's main mission is to implement turn-key solutions for highly challenging projects. From his foundation ICTeam tackles vast amount of data building complex datawarehouses and implementing sofisticated java backend solutions to integrated customers systems in added value solutions. ICTeam is currently working on many Big data projects leveraging past experience on the technologies that are at the foundation of the hadoop ecosystems to help customer gather new insights to enhance their business.

    Website: www.icteam.it

    ICTeam is a certified Dataiku partner.

  • Data-Essential


    At Data Essential, our mission is to enable customers to build a new class of applications, leveraging big and fast data, and multi-cloud infrastructure. We strongly believe that making complex data analytics open for every enterprise will make our life better by bringing more smart products and innovative services. We are a startup sourced by a mature team that deliver enablement, integration, training and support to help our customers succeed with their 3rd Platform projects:

    • Big Data & Analytics
    • Modern Data Architecture
    • Native Cloud Infrastructure

    Data Essential also provides fully managed platforms, delivering instant access to production-ready solutions. In partnership with Local Infrastructure Providers, we provide servers, networking, and software configured for performance, reliability, and security. It easily scales to meet your needs.

    Website: www.data-essential.com

  • Quantmetry


    Data Science Consulting

    Quantmetry is a pure player consulting firm, specializing in Big Data and Data Science. It was founded in 2011, and since then grown from strength to strength. Quantmetry’s journey really starts with the client; by understanding what the core issue is. It then delivers customized solutions based on advanced statistical methods, machine learning and Big data technology to deliver innovative and measurable business results for its clients. Quantmetry invests heavily in R&D and is a well-known name within the Big Data ecosystem. Excellence, altruism and exceptionality are core values ​​of Quantmetry and each of its employees .

    Website: www.quantmetry.com

  • Accenture


    Accenture is a leading global professional services company,providing a broad range of services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations.

    Website: www.accenture.com

  • DataDreams


    In DataDreams we define ourselves to be the talent management accelerator within the Big Data world. Our vocation and purpose is to accompany the organizations to understand the value and provide guidance on implementation models based on their strategic objectives, through an integrated training program and technology implementation at the service of the business. Innovation and continuous research are our hallmarks.

    Website: datadreams.es

  • datadistiK


    datadistiK, a Plenumsoft spin-off, is a data science company based in Merida (Mexico), and specialized in providing business optimization solutions and strategy consulting services to businesses and governmental organizations in Latin America.

    Website: www.datadistik.com

  • Vertica


    The Vertica Analytics Platform is purpose built from the very first line of code for Big Data analytics. It is designed for use in data warehouses and other big data workloads where speed, scalability, simplicity, and openness are crucial to the success of analytics. Vertica relies on a tested, reliable distributed architecture and columnar compression to deliver blazingly fast speed. A simplified license and the capability to deploy anywhere delivers on the promise of big data analytics like no other solution.

    Used together, Dataiku DSS and Vertica form a complete, high-performance big data platform able to tackle advanced analytics projects from end to end, at scale.

    Website: Vertica

    Dataiku is a Vertica technology partner.

  • Microsoft


    Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services, devices and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential. Microsoft's mission is to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more. Dataiku and Microsoft partner to offer DSS on Azure, a growing collection of integrated cloud services—analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web—for moving faster, achieving more, and saving money.

    How do DSS users benefit from Azure?

    • Zero to full-featured data science environment in minutes: being part of the Azure Marketplace, DSS can be started and ready in a matter of minutes, removing the burden of manual set-up and deployment
    • Adapt your infrastructure configuration on the fly based on your usage: Need to create a large scale machine learning model in R or Python ? Choose a high-memory, high-performance CPU configuration to train your algorithm.
    • Create an integrated big data stack using pre-defined ARM templates: Assemble the components on your big data platform under ARM templates: Hadoop cluster, SQL database, and DSS all together.

    DSS also offers integrations with SQL Server, HDInsight, and PowerBI, so companies can assemble a complete, high performance, integrated data science platform.

    To learn more:

    Dataiku DSS is Microsoft Azure Certified.

  • Kernix


    Kernix provides high level consulting, data science, design and development services in order to address both strategic and operational needs of our clients.
    Combining high quality and performance services, added value and innovation, Kernix enables its clients to make the best use of digital technology.
    As a well-known digital transformation company, our success stories rely on :

    • An iterative methodology focused on your business KPIs
    • Our experts in data science, design and development to deliver operational solutions
    • An open-source philosophy rather than black box, we grow along with our clients
    • Website: www.kernix.com

  • Cloudera


    Cloudera is the leader in next generation data management. Founded in 2008, Cloudera was the first company to commercialize Apache Hadoop® and to develop enterprise-grade solutions built on this powerful open source technology. Today, Cloudera is the leading innovator in and largest contributor to the Hadoop open source software community. Cloudera has the largest share and is widely recognized as the standard in enterprise Hadoop.
    The company’s enterprise data hub (EDH) software platform empowers organizations to store, process and analyze all enterprise data, of whatever type, in any volume -- creating remarkable cost-efficiencies as well as enabling business transformation.

    Website: www.cloudera.com

    Dataiku is a Cloudera Certified technology partner.

  • Tableau Software

    Tableau Software

    Tableau helps people see and understand data. Tableau helps anyone quickly analyze, visualize and share information. More than 35,000 customer accounts get rapid results with Tableau in the office and on-the-go. And tens of thousands of people use Tableau Public to share data in their blogs and websites.

    Website: www.tableau.com

    Dataiku is a Tableau technology partner.

    Take a look at how you can work with Dataiku DSS and Tableau to get quickly from raw data to business impacting decisions

  • MapR


    MapR delivers on the promise of Hadoop with a proven, enterprise-grade platform that supports a broad set of mission-critical and real-time production uses. MapR brings unprecedented dependability, ease-of-use and world-record speed to Hadoop, NoSQL, database and streaming applications in one unified distribution for Hadoop. MapR is used by more than 700 customers across financial services, government, healthcare, internet, manufacturing, media, retail and telecommunications as well as by leading Global 2000 and Web 2.0 companies. Amazon, Cisco, Google, Teradata and HP are part of the broad MapR partner ecosystem.

    Website: www.mapr.com

    Dataiku is a MapR Certified technology partner.

    Watch how MapR and Dataiku are collaborating to bring business value to clients :

  • Databricks


    Databricks was founded out of the UC Berkeley AMPLab by the team that created Apache Spark. We’ve been working for the past six years on cutting-edge systems to extract value from Big Data. We believe that Big Data is a huge opportunity that is still largely untapped, and we’re working to revolutionize what you can do with it.

    Apache Spark is 100% open source, hosted at the vendor-independent Apache Software Foundation. At Databricks, we are fully committed to maintaining this open development model. We believe that no computing platform will win in the Big Data space unless it is fully open. Spark has one of the largest open source communities in Big Data, with over 1000 contributors from 250+ organizations. Databricks works within the open source community to maintain this momentum.

    Website: https://databricks.com/

    Dataiku is a Databricks Certified Application for Apache Spark.

  • Esri


    Esri is the creator of ArcGIS, one of the most powerful mapping softwares in the world. ArcGIS connects people with maps, data and apps through geographic information systems (GIS), and it is used by Fortune 500 companies, national and local governments, public utilities and tech start-ups around the world. You have no doubt already been exposed to some of their dynamic maps and apps in your professional and personal life.

    Website: www.esri.com/

    Dataiku is an ESRI Silver Partner.

  • Kubrick Group

    Kubrick Group

    Kubrick Group bridges the gap between academic success and the high levels of skills required to be productive in complex technology projects.
    We hire the best Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics graduates and provide them with a unique two year development programme. Our programme is designed, built and curated by industry experts in big data, data analytics, machine learning and front-end visualisation design.

    Website: www.kubrickgroup.com

  • Firmshift


    Firmshift helps design and create solutions to make businesses ready to make the transition into the fourth industrial revolution.
    We start with Data Discovery workshops and deliver applied Machine Learning based solutions: Conversational Interfaces, In-silico Experimentation platforms, Natural Language Understanding, Predictive Maintenance, Fraud/Crime Detection. We use our own supercomputing Deep Learning platform – reason.ai – to deliver AI in some of the most complex deep learning scenarios quickly and at scale.
    Firmshift is team of advanced technologists, scientists, design thinkers and business professionals dedicated to developing exciting and meaningful solutions around AI and data that will change the way we work, live, and play.

    Website: www.firmshift.com/

  • GoDataDriven


    We are GoDataDriven. A team of passionate data science and software engineering practitioners. By combining thesedisciplines with large-scale, open-source information platforms, we create Data Science solutions that add to our clients' bottom lines.

    Website: www.godatadriven.com

  • Synergic Partners

    Synergic Partners

    Synergic Partners is a consultancy firm specialized in Big Data within the Telefonica group. We have more than ten years of experience, presence in fourteen countries, a team of over 100 data scientists, a network of more than one thousand experts and solid links with leading technological companies as well as with academic institutions such as the Columbia University of New York. Synergic Partners is consolidated as the leading Big Data consultancy firm in Spain.
    We construct Big Data strategies based on the specific needs of each company. From the implementation of technologies and processes for data management to the analytical units necessary for obtaining value from the data, we aid in the cultural transformation of companies, helping them to become data-driven organizations.

    Website: www.synergicpartners.com/

  • Sopra Steria

    Sopra Steria

    Sopra Steria, European leader in digital transformation, provides one of the most comprehensive portfolios of end to end service offerings in the market: Consulting, Systems Integration, Software Development, Infrastructure Management and Business Process Services. Sopra Steria is trusted by leading private and public-sector organisations to deliver successful transformation programs that address their most complex and critical business challenges.
    Combining high quality and performance services, added value and innovation, Sopra Steria enables its clients to make the best use of digital technology.

    Website: www.soprasteria.com

  • Abraxas Biosystems

    Abraxas Biosystems

    At Abraxas we’re focused on using complex science and biotechnology to build high impact solutions for global issues.

    Website: www.grupoabraxas.com/

  • LeanBI


    LeanBI is a company operating in the field of data analysis with focus on Big Data, Industry 4.0 and Business Intelligence. LeanBI offers both services as well as necessary infrastructure in these areas for fast and agile implementation of data-driven projects. LeanBI's unique mix of data scientists, engineers and IT specialists enables expert advice and implementation for industries. LeanBI follows the philosophy of starting with small projects and then growing with future success. It makes Big Data and Industry 4.0 viable and attractive for Small and Medium Enterprises.
    Located in Bern, Switzerland, the company has fuelled its rapid development with a model of agile, lean and high quality Big Data projects.

    Website: www.leanbi.ch

  • Niji


    Bringing together business and technology to give a 360° vision of the Digital Revolution, Niji combines consulting, design and technology in a single value chain in order to address both strategic and operational issues of our clients. Our customers reap the full benefits of this digital revolution through useful innovations covering technologies, usages, ergonomic and behavior issues.
    Our 3 mains activities are:

    • Consulting: Understand the full impact of digital technologies on the fundamentals, projects and processes of our clients
    • Design: Identify and develop new interactive digital experiences for consumers and employees
    • Technologies: Master digital technologies from specialized expertise to turnkey production, in areas of software development and network infrastructure

    Website: www.niji.fr

    Twitter: @Niji_Digital

  • Aerow


    Founded in 2004, AEROW is a Digital Services Company specialized in ECM, Business Intelligence, Big Data, Performance and Digital.
    AEROW is located in France, in Belgium, in Switzerland, and in Mauritius.Our expertise in Business Intelligence and Data Management was designed to handle issues related to decision-making.
    Our data experts are experienced and qualified to support our clients in:

    • Consulting and expertise on the approach to decision-making
    • Assistance with project management
    • Project oversight
    • Service center for project delivery
    • Training
    • TMA (Offshore)

    Website: www.aerow.fr

  • Dynacentrix


    Dynacentrix helps you find the value hidden in your data. Trusted specialists with a limited number of partners, the Dynacentrix Data Scientists (Ph.D. or Masters in Statistics) have deep knowledge of data analytics. Our Data Chain strategy provides measurable value and ROI for companies of all sizes. Whether for Predictive Maintenance, Fraud Detection, Logistics Optimization, Risk Prediction etc, Dynacentrix proposes Dataiku DSS and an « Open » and modular analytics platform for exploring and interpreting data using the appropriate statistical techniques. Providing services throughout Europe and the EMEA region, Dynacentrix will transform your data into valuable insights.

    Website: www.dynacentrix.com

  • Oresys


    Oresys is an independent consultancy firm formed in 1981. We are a major player in the fields of management, organization and information systems consultancy. Oresys is present in all economic sectors, where it partners both operational and functional departments. We assist our clients in changing their business, steering their business, improving their performance Our consultants are committed to every dimension of client business, whether organization and processes, information systems or change management. We deploy our skills and experience, along with the innovative methods and tools developed by Oresys. Our know-how in Data Intelligence spans all operational divisions (HR, Finance, Marketing, CRM, etc.) and all our top sectors: Retail, Banking & Insurance, Industry, Energy & Utilities, Transport, etc. Here are a few illustrations of the scope: fight against fraud, profiling and analysis of client behavior, pay analysis, individual social reports, preparation for tax inspections, etc.

    Website: www.oresys.eu

  • b.telligent


    b.telligent is a management consultancy specializing in the introduction and development of business intelligence, customer relationship management, DWH and Big Data for businesses operating in mass markets.

    With its own competence center for data science b.telligent provides professional services in developing and applying customizes solutions for predictive analytics in order to get the most out of your data. Dataiku is regarded as an ideal platform to develop data science projects collaborative involving the business side and the professionals consultants together.

    b.telligent’s customers are industry leaders from the telecommunications, financial services, trade and manufacturing industries.

    Website: www.btelligent.com

  • GFI Informatique

    GFI Informatique

    As an European player of digital services and software, Gfi Informatique has expanded significantly over the past five years in the Big Data and Analytics space. The group has more than 15 references in production for a total of more than 3 petabytes of on-line data and more than 300 million of connected objects, mainly in the Industry and Telecom sectors. Since 2013, Gfi Informatique has been federating an ecosystem of startups that bring critical and differentiated know-how to our customers, on DataManagement and governance as well as on Data Visualization and Machine Learning. We offer the opportunity to drive and concertize the Digital Transformation of our customers through our FabLab, located within the biggest start-up incubator in France at the Cargo (Paris).

    Website: www.gfi.world

  • AWS


    For 11 years, Amazon Web Services has been the world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. AWS offers over 90 fully featured services for compute, storage, networking, database, analytics, application services, deployment, management, developer, mobile, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), security, hybrid, and enterprise applications, from 42 Availability Zones (AZs) across 16 geographic regions in the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Germany, India, Ireland, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and the UK. AWS services are trusted by millions of active customers around the world — including the fastest growing startups, largest enterprises, and leading government agencies — to power their infrastructure, make them more agile, and lower costs.

    Dataiku DSS offers several integrations with AWS, making it easy to create a highly scalable, end-to-end data science platform: store your Datasets in S3, leverage EMR for running MapReduce or Spark based jobs, or use Redshift for interactive analytics and high speed queries. You can learn more how to use Redshift and DSS together, or read our documentation for more details.

    Dataiku is AWS Technology Partner.

  • Eden Smith

    Eden Smith

    Eden Smith is a specialist data and analytics staffing and consulting business based in central London. Incorporated with the primary objective to support businesses and help job seekers make sense of the #BigDataRevolution.

    Website: www.edensmith.co.uk



    A division of the TIS INTEC Group (http://www.intec.co.jp/english/), INTEC Innovative Technologies USA promotes new business incubation through open innovation and coordinates leading services and technology/business models of America to expand into Japan and Asian markets. We develop business together with customers through the three main activities:

    • Conduct deep investigation by analyzing the challenges of society, industry, and customers and selecting themes through coordination with the business department of Intec Japan or its customers.
    • Examine concrete joint ventures with American service companies and conduct examination and verification of market needs.
    • Promote proposals, technologies, business models, leading cases, service companies and POC, and commercialization to customers.

    Website: http://www.intecitusa.com/

  • AID


    OUR MISSION To help our clients to leverage their data capital to deliver their customers a pertinent message, at the right time and by the right channel. AID offers a complete value chain encompassing analysis, treatment and exploitation to transform data into marketing performance.

    • datakili® / Big data application : Multi-channel client experience, Datalake, DMP, Data Lab, SaaS Platform
    • DataScience and Textmining : Datamining, Machine learnng Webmining, Segmentation, Scoring, Test Plans, Churn, Marketing Pressure, Predictive Marketing, Textmining (Both Linguistic and Deep Learning approach)
    • CRM : 30 B2B, B2C marketing DB hosted, 200M clients, 5 billion transactions, Single Customer View, Data Quality(Normalisation, Enrichment, Geolocalisation, Data Cleansing, ....)
    • Business Intelligence : Data Visualisation, Reporting, Exploration
    • Consulting : Marketing & Loyalty, Big data and smart data strategy, Project management
    • AID Academy : Training & R&D

    Website: www.aid.fr

  • Statworx


    STATWORX is a specialized consulting company for data science, statistics, and machine learning. We advise and support companies in the development and implementation of data science use cases and projects. Through our many years of experience, we provide our customers with targeted project results, PoCs, and use cases.

    Our data science team consists of technically advanced and highly qualified employees from different academic disciplines, such as statistics, computer science, economics, business, and the social sciences.
    Today, STATWORX is one of the few companies in German-speaking countries which offers data science services exclusively. Since the company was founded in 2011, we have successfully implemented more than one hundred data science and analytics projects. It's data science done right.

    Website: www.statworx.com

  • Ysance


    Ysance : Your Data In Action
    Ysance Digital Services has been supporting companies in their data-driven transformation for over ten years. Our skills and services cover the entire value chain of data and we mobilize all our expertise around data processing, data quality, data science and data visualization:

    • Data Integration (ETL, ESB, Data Quality)
    • Big Data (Cloudera, Hadoop, Hortonworks, MapR)
    • Data Architecture and cloud skills
    • Data Science, predictive and prescriptive analysis, (Dataïku)
    • Data visualization and analytics

    Website: www.ysance.com

  • Bitbang
  • Contemporary Analysis