Our story

The founders, the vision, the name, and the story of Dataiku.

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Our values

Seriousness & Fun:

Yes, we believe these two values go hand-in-hand, both in our company culture and in the development of DSS. We always make a point of keeping the fun in any serious work. And that’s what we hope DSS will do for you.

Spontaneity & Creativity:

Keep in touch with the child at heart! Curiosity and an open mind are the qualities that drive great innovations. After all, great ideas are born when people have the creativity to re-imagine complex things in simple ways.

Humility & Awareness:

We are data scientists and business analysts just like you. We’ve sworn at our computers when scripts failed to run and jumped out of our seats in excitement when an impossible bug was finally fixed. We’re all just people trying to get things done. We listen to our customers’ needs, we listen to our own needs, because as far as DSS goes, users know best.

Collaborative & Team-oriented:

We believe the secret to success lies in the productive collaboration of different minds, different skills, different backgrounds, and different technologies. We work day in and day out to create a tool that brings developers, data analysts, and business teams together. After all, behind DSS there is a whole lot of collaboration between a whole lot of different skill sets.

Haïku, written in Japanese

The Company Name

Dataiku is a “portmanteau” word combining Data - information that is produced or stored by a computer - and Haïku - a very short and structured form of Japanese poetry.

For the people and organizations behind data projects, the process leading to a final data application is often fastidious, hard, and very long. Sometimes the multiple tools that help data scientists do their job can actually make the process longer and less efficient. They clean their data here, they visualize it there, create models somewhere else, and finally need to stitch it all together before being able to even consider deploying their data product.

Haïkus, on the other hand, emphasize straightforwardness and structure. They are also renowned for their soothing simplicity.

At Dataiku, we believe that’s what data projects should look and feel like to the organizations and people behind them: a structured process, a single flow, from start to finish. And that’s why Dataiku brings Data Science Studio to your office and to your business.