Ikig.AI: Dataiku for Nonprofits

Ikig.AI is an AI-for-good initiative founded by Dataiku. The word Ikigai (生き甲斐,) is a Japanese term for "a reason for being." We found it inspiring to describe our ambition to contribute — in a modest way — to what the world needs.

Offering Dataiku Licenses for Nonprofits

At Dataiku, we believe that nonprofit organizations should be able to embrace the full potential of AI with the right software and the right skills.

With Ikig.AI, eligible nonprofit organizations can request a donation of a Dataiku license. They get a fully functional version of the platform used by hundreds of leading businesses across industries to leverage Everyday AI.

Nonprofits will also get access to Dataiku support as well as exclusive onboarding and training resources.

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Data Science Experts to Accelerate Nonprofits’ AI Maturity

Everyone at Dataiku is given the time to contribute to nonprofits they care deeply about. One of the ways Dataikers can do so is by leveraging their skills to help such organizations achieve extraordinary results with Everyday AI.

Nonprofit organizations can access the services of world-class data scientists and analysts to help them achieve their goals and accelerate their mission.

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Dataiku Dedicates Over 1% of Its Revenue to Ikig.AI

Each Dataiku employee is given days every year to contribute to nonprofit projects – so we’ve got thousands of days to give back!

Through Ikig.AI, Dataiku also sponsors tens of nonprofit projects.

The actions carried out by the program are vast but fall into three main categories:

  • Diversity and Inclusion: Reducing social inequalities by empowering under-represented groups in tech.
  • Climate Action: Harnessing AI to tackle climate change and restore biodiversity.
  • Humanitarian: Supporting the flourishing of life on earth and beyond.
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A Few Ikig.AI Programs

Ikig.AI partners with dozens of organizations around the world. Here are some key initiatives:
  • Ikig.AI x ThinkForward: In 2021, 75 Dataikers spent 129 days tackling inequality of opportunities by mentoring and facilitating soft skills workshops. Thanks to Dataikers’ time and energy, over 6,000 lives were positively impacted, from underprivileged youths to women shifting to tech careers. Watch to learn more
  • Ikig.AI x Action Against Hunger: In 2021, 51 Dataikers spent 28 days sorting, preparing, and distributing food to people in need in France, the U.S., and the U.K. — handing out 3,500 meals overall. Watch to learn more
  • Ikig.AI x Exploramas: In 2021, 32 Dataikers rolled up their sleeves to clean up beaches in Singapore, parks in Paris, and the Regent’s canal in London. 36 Dataikers spent 20 Ikig.AI days nurturing green spaces in the U.S., permaculture gardens in Amsterdam, and oyster beds in New York City. Watch to learn more
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Corporate Social Responsibility at Dataiku

We are committed to conducting our business with the highest standards of responsibility and ethics.

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