Your Path to Enterprise AI

What is Enterprise AI?

Today everyone is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI), which combines the human capacities for learning, perception, and interaction all at a level of complexity that ultimately supersedes our own abilities.

Enterprise AI is the ability to embed AI methodology into the very core of the organization and into the data governance strategy. This means augmenting the work of people across all teams and disciplines with AI for more innovative operations, processes, products, and more.

Companies that want to be more efficient, or develop new products in the coming years will need to adopt Enterprise AI to make it happen.

How Does
Enterprise AI Happen?

Here at Dataiku, we’ve seen a lot of businesses struggle to get started over the years, and some that have thrived. So we can say from experience that companies that succeed in doing enterprise AI for real start simple (with a single goal or project) but think big (with strategic choices that prep them for the future). They:


Bring all people, from business people to analysts and data scientists, together. This happens via horizontal (team-wide) and vertical (cross-team) COLLABORATION.


Enable self-service analytics and operationalized machine learning. The combination of the two allows for RAPID ITERATION.


Get results today by starting now to bring VALUE from data.


Build for tomorrow by fostering AGILITY and OPENNESS.

How can Dataiku Help?

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Dataiku connects people, technologies and processes to pave the fast, stable, sustainable path to enterprise AI.

The world’s leading analysts and companies alike recognize Dataiku for its collaborative features that enable users to get started quickly with machine learning and support for open-source solutions.

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These business (+ hundreds of others) use Dataiku on a daily basis to build, deploy, and monitor predictive data flows to solve problems like fraud, churn, supply chain optimization, predictive maintenance, and much more.