What We Stand For

Our mission is to champion representation and empowerment for Black Dataikers especially in leadership roles. We are committed to transforming our organization into a model of anti-racism, creating an environment where Black Dataikers thrive as their authentic selves. Our commitment extends beyond internal efforts; we actively engage in community outreach, striving to inspire and cultivate the next wave of talent through focused education and mentorship programs. By setting a precedent in these areas, we aim not only to enhance our organizational culture but also to make a lasting, positive impact on the broader community.

Meet Some Members of Our Team



Christopher is the Customer Process Coordinator for People Operations and as one of the co-leads for Blackbox. He is dedicated to getting different forms of representation for the Black community and continues to work to evolve the ERG to be more effective and a place for gathering.



Focus Areas 

  • Mentorship: We create opportunities for mentorship within the Black community
  • Education: We host events that showcase awareness around the Black community
  • Policy Improvement: We conduct an inclusive review of policies and programs

Get in Touch 

If you have any questions about Blackbox, please don’t hesitate to reach out at [email protected].