Gender Pay Gap index – FRANCE

We are pleased to share with you the 2023 gender pay gap results for France: our global rate is 79/100.

This rate is over 100 points and accounts for 5 indicators:

  • Pay gap (out of 40 points)
  • Distribution gap between individual increases (out of 20 points)
  • Promotion gap (out of 15 points)
  • Percentage of employees who got an increase upon return from maternity leave (out of 15 points)
  • Parity between women and men in the 10 highest salaries (out of 10 points)

Below are the results of the 2023 gender pay gap in France, compared with the results from 2022.


The actions undertaken last year (salary review from a female/male perspective in order to avoid discrimination, raising manager’s awareness regarding gender equity, ERG actions) have started to bear fruit. We will continue to work in this direction this year with a dedicated budget to neutralize potential salary gaps between women and men, the implementation of a preventive tool to avoid importing salary gaps when hiring, monitoring the number of female managers and trainings on bias and continuing the work with the ERGs.