Dataiku Academic Program

Empowering the analytics leaders of tomorrow.
At Dataiku, we want to help people everywhere grow their data analytics and predictive modeling skills. A vital part of that is providing free access to our software as well as support resources for educators, learners, and academic researchers.

For Educators

Dataiku provides free licenses and learning resources for educators and faculty to facilitate modern analytics, data science, and AI education.

Why educators use Dataiku:

  • Regardless of profile or technical ability, Dataiku enables everyone to participate in building (and consuming) AI-driven applications. 
  • Facilitate group work and capstone projects in a centralized, controlled, and collaborative environment. 
  • Leverage the most cutting-edge and in-demand technologies and tools, from coding languages (Python, R) to algorithms and frameworks (scikit-learn and XGBoost), to computation infrastructure (Spark and Kubernetes), and everything in between.
  • Give users a leg up in the workforce by using the platform for Everyday AI across banking, insurance, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, retail, and more.

For Learners

The Dataiku Academic Program empowers academic users to succeed in the data-driven world by providing free access to its single, coherent platform that welcomes users with a wide range of skills and expertise and covers the full lifecycle of an AI product.

Why students use Dataiku:

  • Learn in-demand skills with guided learning paths and template projects. 
  • Collaborate in a secure online environment.  
  • Showcase your new skills with certifications from the Dataiku Academy.
  • It’s fun! Both data and domain experts feel at home in Dataiku.

For Academic Researchers

Dataiku is proud to partner with academic institutions and support researchers in exploring their fields of study, publishing their findings, and advancing AI/ML knowledge.

Why researchers use Dataiku:

  • Collaborate seamlessly on group work and research, regardless of your profile or technical ability. 
  • Dataiku AutoML enables quick data cleaning, exploration, and experimentation, supporting rapid iteration and the creation of best-in-class models.
  • Showcase achievements across the industry with a dedicated Awards program and communications opportunities. 


Institutions Using Dataiku

Faculty Academic License

Start your free one-year classroom academic license on the platform for Everyday AI. Manage your virtual classroom in our fully collaborative and faculty-administered secure online environment.

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Individual Academic License

Start your free one-year academic license on the platform for Everyday AI. Dataiku Online is a Dataiku-hosted trial available for individual academic usage.


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