Dataiku Academic Program

Fostering the next generation of analytical talent.
At Dataiku we want to help people everywhere grow their data analysis and predictive modeling skills. A vital part of that is to provide free access to our software and specific support resources for academics, researchers, and personal learning.

For Students

The Dataiku Academic Program enables students to succeed in the data-driven world. Dataiku provides free access to its fully integrated data science, machine learning, and AI platform. On top of providing the technology, Dataiku also hosts several student enrichment programs, project competitions, and access to monthly webinars and events.

Why students use Dataiku:

  • Learn in-demand skills.
  • Join a community of students, faculty, and individual learners eager to grow their data analysis and predictive modeling skills.
  • It’s fun! Both coders and non-coders, feel at home in Dataiku.

For Teachers

We’re happy to offer free Dataiku licenses, support, and resources to students and teachers worldwide to help facilitate modern data science, machine learning, and AI education, preparing the next generation for their dream careers.

Why teachers use Dataiku:

  • Whether STEM or business students, coders or not, Dataiku has something for everyone.
  • Students can leverage the most cutting-edge and in-demand technologies and tools, from coding languages (Python, R) to algorithms and frameworks (Scikit-Learn and XGBoost), computation infrastructure (Spark and Kubernetes), and everything in between — all in a centralized, controlled, and collaborative environment.
  • More than 450 companies worldwide across all industries use Dataiku as their data science, machine learning, and AI platform of choice across the organization, giving students a leg up in the workforce.

For Academic Researchers

Dataiku is proud to partner with academic institutions and support researchers as they explore their fields of study, publish findings, and work to advance knowledge. Contact us to learn more about how Dataiku can support your research efforts.

Why researchers use Dataiku:

  • Dataiku facilitates collaboration with other researchers, and the centralized platform also assists researchers in giving courses to students.
  • Dataiku AutoML allows for quick data cleaning, exploration, and experimentation, supporting rapid iteration as well as the creation of best-in-class models.

Institutions Using Dataiku

Academic License

Start your free 1-year academic license on the world’s leading AI and machine learning platform. Dataiku online is a Dataiku hosted trial.  For additional licensing options, contact our team today.

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