Toyota: Pioneering the Future
of Mobility With AI

Toyota leverages Dataiku to democratize data access, accelerate AI model development and deployment, and uncover hidden insights from vast datasets.
Embark on a data-driven journey with Toyota as they revolutionize the future of mobility using Dataiku.

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Video Transcript

Marvin Cooke DL

Executive Vice President
Manufacturing – Toyota Motor Europe

Data is really important to be able to make the right decisions in real time. I think we are going through a real transition at the moment where, in Toyota, we have very good, very strong business practices of problem solving.

Now, I think we’re transitioning to use the latest technologies to make that more efficient and more meaningful, more accurate, more reliable. I think having a good single source of information accessible to many people is important.

Thierry Martin

Senior Manager
Lead of Data & Analytics
IT&D – Toyota Motor Europe

Our vision is to enable anyone in the organization with trusted and easy to use data products and analytics. So it’s a lot about governance, but also about how to make data easily accessible to the people and, now that we have Dataiku, we can very easily create a project and share it with different people in the organization.

What Dataiku offers is also a full set of tutorials and training tracks which helps to democratize AI.

Ekaterina Vernezi

Scrum Master
IT&D – Toyota Motor Europe

We currently have a lot of data everywhere, but the main problem is that we don’t know what kind of data we have and we don’t know where to get this data. So we have to focus on structuring data, getting the right data, and sharing access to that data to team employees.

Nidhi Chavan

Data Scientist
Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK

We are building a strategy where we want to bring all the data to a central place. Dataiku definitely provides a platform where I can experiment things that I’ve not been able to do so far. It really helps me develop my core skills. The widely available certifications and resource material are quite helpful.

Philipp Maier

R&D – Toyota Motor Europe

As part of R&D quality planning, we’re looking into how we can use customer data to predict quality issues in the market and react to them quicker, solve them quicker, and find the root cause of each problem quicker. AI is very powerful. It can reduce a lot of our workload and it can support a lot of our engineers to focus on really critical tasks and avoid them doing tasks, like analyzing data, manually.

One of the key areas Dataiku is supporting us is with visualization. It’s a very powerful tool that can link datasets together in a visual way. It also enables collaboration as members can share information, progress, and technical solutions with each other.

Wojchiech Orlowski

Senior Engineer
Process Engineer
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland

Dataiku is a platform in which I can combine no-code features with scripts, like Python scripts. This  completely extends the possibilities of analysis and also accelerates the speed at which I can provide analyses and deliver products to clients. The future with collaboration between Toyota and Dataiku is very bright.

Marvin Cooke DL

Executive Vice President
Manufacturing – Toyota Motor Europe

I think we still have a gap in providing information to everyone in a format that is useful to them and quickly available to them. I have people with different types of skill sets and from different types of backgrounds, but I have no limit to the number of people who want to establish AI solutions using low-code or no-code solutions or, even in some cases, quite complex code. If I can provide one platform where solutions can be attached and information can be accessed by everyone, I will reduce the risk of duplicating efforts to make the same solution.

Anna Mashoripova

Senior Specialist
Data Translator
IT&D – Toyota Motor Europe

We have a use case in logistics where we are trying to optimize the loading of our trucks so that we send more efficiently filled trucks. This of course helps the business, helps reduce costs, and also has a great impact on the environment as we are reducing the carbon dioxide (CO2) that we are emitting during our operations.

All of these decisions are based on facts, on data. We are trying to remove the guessing game as much as possible. We want to make data accessible where it’s needed, to whom it’s needed. I’m quite confident that we are on a really good start because we have good strategies in place and we have the right people in place. We know where we want to go, we have good partnerships, and I’m confident that we’re going to get there.


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